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Halodoc Enters the World’s Top 100 Health Technology Companies

Halodoc Enters the World's Top 100 Health Technology Companies

Halodoc has succeeded in becoming one of the world’s top 100 digital healthcare companies selected by The Healthcare Technology Report, and is the only startup from Indonesia.

In the list, Halodoc occupies the 60th position and is the only company from Indonesia. In addition, Halodoc is also one of two health companies from Asia, in the consumer healthcare category.

Halodoc Enters the World's Top 100 Health Technology Companies

Various aspects were looked at to determine the list of the top 100 healthcare companies in the world. Starting from product quality, utilization and users, management, organizational effectiveness, and company growth performance.

According to The Healthcare Technology Report, startup Halodoc is at the forefront of dealing with Covid-9 in Indonesia. The company’s technology is claimed to be able to provide safe, efficient and convenient Covid-19 test and vaccination services.

Halodoc called this achievement a proud milestone for the Indonesian health industry. Moreover, Halodoc which operates in Indonesia is juxtaposed with global health companies such as 3M, Health Care, Illumina, to Johnson & Johnson which has been established since 1886.

Jonathan Sudharta, the CEO and Co-founder of Halodoc said, “the company proud to be included in the list of the top 100 digital healthcare companies in the world.”

Highly Competitive Indonesian Startups

“This achievement proves that startups from Indonesia have high competitiveness on a global scale, as well as motivating us to continue to innovate to provide equitable and easy access to health services for all people in Indonesia,” Jonathan said in a statement received Saturday (28/8/2021).

Jonathan said this acceleration could not happen without the support of a government that is open to adopting digital, especially in the health sector.

For your information, the 100 digital health service companies are divided into 5 categories, namely medical devices, healthcare software, communication technology, biotech, and consumer healthtech.

Halodoc Enters the World's Top 100 Health Technology Companies

These five categories are considered not only to lead the modernization of the health sector but also to democratize equitable health services.

Meanwhile, domestically, the telehealth industry has been increasingly highlighted since the pandemic began to hit Indonesia in March 2020.

Health tech company has become the mainstay of the community during the social distancing period, ranging from medicine purchases, online consultations, to Covid-19 test appointments and Covid-19 vaccinations.

Number of Halodoc Users

Currently, Halodoc serves 20 million active users every month. Halodoc’s integrated service connects users with 20,000 doctors, more than 4,000 partner pharmacies, and 2,000 health facilities spread across nearly 200 cities.

Halodoc was previously named by CB Insights as one of the 150 most promising digital health startups worldwide in 2019 and 2020 through its various innovations and technological capabilities.

The company was also named by the UX Alliance and Usaria as the 2nd most user-friendly application among 47 applications from total of 17 countries.

Halodoc Enters the World's Top 100 Health Technology Companies

Halodoc also took the second position for Trending Applications in the Indonesian App Store, competing with cross-sector applications such as e-commerce and other super apps.

“So one of the problems is the limited number of doctors in Indonesia. There are only 4 doctors per 10,000 population, then also the geography of our country which is an archipelago so that doctors are usually only in big cities,” he said on Friday (27/8/2021).

Doddy explained that the Halodoc application has increased, especially for telemedicine services for people who want to consult health.

Then health shops that also provide services for delivering medicines to their homes, especially in terms of restricting people’s mobility, have also increased.

Doddy added that at the beginning of the pandemic last year in the second quarter of 2020, he saw doctor consulting services grow very significantly.

This year, especially in the second quarter of 2021, the ‘Make Doctor’s Appointment’ service showed quite positive growth when the second wave of the pandemic hit Indonesia.