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Kopi Kenangan Collaborates with Somethinc to Enter the Skin Care

Kopi Kenangan Collaborates with Somethinc to Enter the Skin Care Business

Kopi Kenangan attracts local brand Somethinc to enter the skincare business. Both launched Coffeeinc Body Scrub and Lip Scrub made from coffee. The culinary startup with the grab-and-go concept has more than 500 outlets.

More and more local brands are now thriving in Indonesia, especially in the online market. Not surprisingly, many local brands have emerged and dominated the market in their own country, and eventually reached overseas.

We are also certainly proud of ourselves because Indonesian children are now more confident and aware of supporting domestically made products. Because, homemade products are also not inferior in quality.

Kopi Kenangan sells more than three million cups per month. Last year, Kopi Kenangan expanded into the food industry by launching a bread variant called Stories Roti. In addition, releasing a fried chicken brand under the name Chigo this year.

Collaboration with Somethinc is an Innovation

Now, Kopi Kenangan has entered the skin care business. Co-Founder and CEO of Kopi Kenangan Edward Tirtanata said the collaboration with Somethinc is one of the company’s innovations to continue to produce local products.

“This unique collaboration departs from our understanding that coffee can not only be enjoyed by drinking, but also has ingredients that are good for skin health,” said Edward in a press statement, Friday (27/8).

Kopi Kenangan Collaborates with Somethinc to Enter the Skin Care

He believes that SomeThinc’s expertise in creating skin care products can translate to the company’s wishes.

“We develop various innovations to keep up with the times and meet market needs by presenting the best quality for consumers,” he said.

Somethinc is a manufacturer of skin care and makeup products. In creating products, local brands conduct in-depth research on high-quality ingredients to produce the best formulations and skincare products that are safe for consumers.

The processing also applies the latest technology in the field of skin care and makeup products. SomeThinc also has halal certification.

Founder SomeThinc Irene Ursula assessed that the two companies have the same history, ambition, and goals in advancing Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Indonesia. In addition, want to penetrate the international market.

“We put the concept of coffee in skincare products that we feel are very appropriate to accompany relaxing time at home with the theme of self-pampering,” said Irene.

The Content of Coffee that Has Long Been Used for Beauty Products

Coffee is known as a superior ingredient in various skin care products. The antioxidant content in it can protect the skin from free radicals that cause premature aging.

Antioxidants in coffee are also able to prevent a decrease in collagen levels and increase elastin production, so the skin feels firmer. In addition, it provides a calming effect on the skin so that it can overcome the adverse effects of sun exposure or the use of certain products.

Kopi Kenangan Collaborates with Somethinc to Enter the Skin Care

Coffee also contains chlorogenic acid which has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties so it can protect the skin from irritation. Irene claims that Coffeeinc Body Scrub and Lip Scrub can remove dead skin cells because they contain coffee as basic ingredients.

In addition, it can remove dirt that clogs pores and stimulates blood circulation under the skin through the caffeine content.

Other ingredients in Coffeeinc Body Scrub and Lip Scrub also contain a variety of natural ingredients such as sweet almond oil, coconut oil, olive oil, as well as grains of sea salt and refined sugar. It claims to moisturize and soothe the skin while exfoliating.

The Kopi Kenangan and Somethinc collaboration products will be sold in bundles containing an exclusive collaboration between the Somethinc and Kopi Kenangan Lid Cup tumblers. It will be available at 30 Kopi Kenangan outlets starting later this month (31/8).