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MSMEs Can Now Request Capital Injections via Warung Pintar

MSMEs Can Now Request Capital Injections via Warung Pintar

Warung Pintar Group in collaboration with fintech company CICIL released Bon Pintar, a financial solution that provides access to capital for shop owners (micro, small and medium enterprises/MSMEs) to increase their business productivity.

Bon Pintar can be accessed by shop owners in the Warung Pintar ecosystem, starting from submitting a capital injection, verification to its use.

The proposed scheme is also fairly easy for business people who are just starting to use financial products because there is no interest rate charged, they only pay administrative fees.

By mechanism, shop owners can immediately submit an application and after passing verification, they can fulfill their stock needs and pay 14 days later using the Bon Pintar service.

MSMEs Can Now Request Capital Injections via Warung Pintar

The CEO of Warung Pintar Group, Agung Bezharie, said that additional capital to increase stock or expand stock options is a pain point faced by almost all Warung Pintar partners.

“CICIL has the same vision to be able to present loan products for MSMEs. This is the basis why we chose CICIL as the first collaboration partner for Bon Pintar,” Agung said in a statement, Friday (27/8/2021).

He revealed, within a few weeks of being launched, thousands of shop owners had been helped by Bon Pintar’s services.

Amount of Capital Obtained by MSMEs

Agung added each stall gets a different capital capacity according to the shopping history data and activities carried out in the Warung Pintar Application.

After obtaining permission from the shop owner, this data is used as a credit score that was developed together with CICIL.

Thanks to this, Warung Pintar can minimize the risk of late payments and Bon Pintar is truly a service that helps stalls to grow.

This initiative is Warung Pintar’s first step in presenting a more holistic solution that includes a supply chain to financial services to support overall shop productivity.

MSMEs Can Now Request Capital Injections via Warung Pintar

With Bon Pintar, shop owners can start a credit record and improve their financial literacy. Warung Pintar hopes that this can be a gateway to introduce more financial instruments that can help the stall business grow without limits.

Agung continued, his party is targeting 150,000 active skippers in the Warung Pintar ecosystem to be able to use Bon Pintar services.

In the future, Warung Pintar will continue to strengthen its strategic partnerships with more parties to continue to grow to provide financial solutions that can reach shop owners more broadly.

“Given the enormous potential of stalls to reach the surrounding community, we believe, the more accustomed shop owners are to using financial products and services, especially digital-based ones, the faster technology and economic inclusion will be achieved for the communities living around the stalls, even for the entire community,” Agung explained.

69 Percent of MSMEs Affected by Covid-19 Need Capital Injections

Based on data from the Central Statistics Agency through the Analysis of the Covid-19 Impact Survey Results on Business Actors in 2020, as many as 69.02 percent of micro business actors needed an injection of business capital assistance.

MSMEs Can Now Request Capital Injections via Warung Pintar

The government itself seeks to improve the competitiveness of MSMEs, either through People’s Business Credit, Revolving Fund Management Institutions, Partnership and Community Development Programs, as well as Business Aid Assistance.

Often micro business actors do not have good access to capital because of the lack of access to transaction history data.

This causes banks or financial solutions to be constrained in regulating the level of ability of micro business actors to use appropriate business capital assistance or loans.

Director of CICIL, Edward Widjonarko, hopes that the presence of Bon Pintar services can support the economic development of stall partners.

“Hopefully this collaboration will be the beginning of the collaboration between the Warung Pintar Group and CICIL in supporting an inclusive micro-economy responsibly,” he said.