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Chickin Helps Chicken Farmers Be More Productive

Chickin Helps Chicken Farmers Be More Productive

A local startup in the livestock sector, called Chickin, offers a technology that makes it easier for chicken farmers to manage their cultivation effectively. 

Chickin Indonesia CEO Tubagus Syailendra said, Chickin presents a production technology and business-to-business (b2B) chicken retail service in one application. 

Chickin Apps itself has an Internet of Things (IoT) solution with Micro Climate Controller, Chickin Smart Farm, and Chickin Fresh products. 

Chickin Helps Chicken Farmers Be More Productive

“These three products can be used by farmers to carry out cage management in increasing productivity and efficiency of chicken cultivation,” said Tubagus at the Local Corn Demo Day event: This is the Champion of Indonesian Local StartUps!, Friday (3/9/2021). 

Tubagus said that Chickin itself can provide solutions for farmers, starting from reducing the risk of human error, waste of feed and also waste of electrical energy in livestock. 

“The Chickin application is very easy to use, and in this application there are monitoring and control cage climate and feedback services, financial and administrative data, live bird price updates and farm management consultants,” said Tubagus. 

Applications Integrated with Hardware in the Enclosure 

In addition, the Chickin application is also integrated with the hardware in the cage, which can detect the energy usage of the fan speed setting on the kanda, the climate control sensor, as well as an alert system that will provide notifications if something unexpected happens. 

Tubagus also revealed, through the technology from Chickin, farmers can develop smart farms that can increase the productivity of cultivation of up to 200 million chickens within three years. 

Chickin Helps Chicken Farmers Be More Productive

Then Tubagus also explained that the company’s total revenue from February to July 2021 reached Rp 700 million. 

“We, with Chickin, can provide opportunities for local breeders by improving traditional cage cultivation techniques to technology-based cultivation techniques that can create a sustainable effect for the livestock industry in increasing production while competing on a global economic scale,” said Tubagus. 

Chickin’s integrated cage process is able to increase the productivity of chickens with a harvest success rate of 97 percent and a profit of 300-400 percent higher. 

Chickin itself has a vision to maintain food security in Indonesia by utilizing technology so that the fulfillment of chicken meat supply becomes more inclusive and sustainable. 

Become a Finalist of the PT Pertamina Event 

After going through various long stages, three teams of young entrepreneurs finally managed to get a coaching money award of IDR 300 million from PT Pertamina (Persero).  

The three teams are from UI (University of Indonesia), Unair (Airlangga University) Surabaya, and UB (University Brawijaya) Malang. They qualified as winners in the First Seed & Scale Business Idea Competition (Pertamina Muda) 2021. 

Before qualifying as winners, they must try to present their business ideas in front of the jury along with 20 other finalists on Wednesday, September 1, 2021 online. 

Chickin Helps Chicken Farmers Be More Productive

A team from the UI campus named Tekpang presented a business idea about appropriate technology tools for the manufacture of liquid nitrate fertilizer as a solution to strengthen food security after the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The business idea presented is a tool based on contact glow discharge electrolysis technology as a renewable, inexpensive, and environmentally friendly technology in the manufacture of nitrate fertilizers as a solution to the scarcity of fertilizers during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Meanwhile, a team from the Unair Surabaya campus under the name Analitica brought a business idea about an online tryout platform specifically designed to prepare for the selection of CPNS and PPPK, UTBK SBMPTN, official selection, and the Olympics. 

Then a team from UB Malang campus with the name Chickin brought a business idea about national food security. This is very important considering that there are still many people who consume less meat.