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Tokban Presents as a B2B Marketplace for Fulfillment of Building Materials
TaniHub Chooses to Focus on B2B Segments to Increase Harvest Uptake
GoCement Receives Initial Funding, Digitizes Construction Industry Through B2B Marketplace
JaPang Presents Supply Chain Innovation for Food Products, Focused on Outside Java
Fits.id Enters the B2B Segment through the BeneFits Application
Chickin Helps Chicken Farmers Be More Productive
More than 100,000 SKUs of Electrical Components Goes Digital on ElectGo.com: A B2B E-Commerce Platform
Nium Startup Becomes the First Unicorn-Global B2B Payments in Southeast Asia
GudangAda Startup Gets IDR 1.5 Trillion of Capital Injection
Indonesian Startups 'Exit' Trends in 2021; IPO, Mergers, and Acquisitions