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Fits.id Enters the B2B Segment through the BeneFits Application

Fits.id Enters the B2B Segment through the BeneFits Application

Increased awareness to consume healthy food, drinks, and supplements during the pandemic presents its own opportunity for the wellness-commerce Fits.id platform. Launched in 2019, they claim to have thousands of users and hundreds of partners spread across various cities. 

To increase its business penetration, Fits.id also opens collaboration opportunities with MSME partners and brands who have the same goal of building a healthier and more prosperous society. 

From the data submitted, during this pandemic there was an increase in several products. The company noted that the most in-demand products and services to date are health food products and medical equipment. 

Fits.id Enters the B2B Segment through the BeneFits Application

“People are starting to become aware of the food they consume and also the increasing medical needs during this pandemic. Products such as Covid-19 screening, isolation service packages, health talks, online sports, and others are options,” said the CEO of Fits.id, Pondra Nala Permana. 

This year there are a number of plans to be launched, the focus being on strengthening the presence of Fits.id in Indonesia through achieving the total number of users, revenue and market share in the wellness industry. If this has been achieved, it will be continued with fundraising for investors. 

Another plan is to penetrate and educate the use of the recently launched BeneFits application to target markets such as MSMEs and corporations, so that the use of this platform can be better known to the wider community. 

Together with Ocktolife Launch the BeneFits App 

Ocktolife, a Singaporean predictive healthcare technology (HealthTech) company, partnered with Indonesian wellness e-commerce subsidiary INTEGRA insurance broker Fits.ID to launch an employee benefits application, BeneFits. 

The BeneFits application will provide comprehensive health products and services such as healthy food, sports products, supplements, insurance, health checks, and others. 

In a press release, Friday (10/9/2021), Ocktolife and Fits.ID stated that this strategic partnership was important for Ocktolife because it could be a milestone for them to enter the Southeast Asian market, starting from Indonesia. 

Fits.id Enters the B2B Segment through the BeneFits Application

BeneFits enables large companies, small and medium-sized businesses, as well as start-ups, to engage, attract and retain a millennial workforce by offering holistic wellness products that fit each employee. 

Employees can use the BeneFits app to customize or personalize their pool insurance, where the app has access to a comprehensive health product and wellness ecosystem, including insurance groups that they can customize. 

The ecosystem includes health services, examinations, laboratories and diagnostics, as well as products such as healthy food, sports equipment, and others. 

Offers More Personalized Health Benefits 

Fits.ID and Ocktolife added that this application also supports businesses to automate administrative processes and company workflows, including business expense reimbursements, rewards, and employee insurance claims. 

Arjun Chopra, founder and CEO of Ocktolife said, “We are excited to embark on a journey with Fits.ID, in providing its technology platform and health ecosystem. 

According to him, BeneFits enables businesses in Indonesia to offer personalized health and wellness benefits to their employees, as well as create a healthy workforce. 

Fits.id Enters the B2B Segment through the BeneFits Application

“This pandemic has placed a lot of emphasis on holistic health and disease prevention,” Chopra said in a statement. “The BeneFits application aims to empower companies to meet the needs of their diverse and multigenerational workforce,” he said. 

Chopra said they wanted to “disrupt the old benefits system where employees get ‘one size fits all’ benefits regardless of their age and health.” 

Fits.ID CEO Pondra Permana said their vision of a healthier, happier, and stress-free society is expected to be realized with the help of the application, by making health more accessible and affordable for everyone. 

“We deliver flexible and relevant employee welfare programs for all businesses as the digital revolution continues to move forward,” said Pondra. 

MSMEs and corporations can show that they understand employee preferences by letting employees choose the program that suits their individual needs and lifestyle.”