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Moladin, a Startup That Offers Various Motorcycle Information

Moladin, a Startup That Offers Various Motorcycle Information

The high number of motorcycle users in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta, is considered an opportunity by Moladin. It is an online platform that provides a variety of information related to motorcycles. One of the services offered by Moladin is buying and selling motorbikes.

Not only that, but Moladin also offers to provide a variety of useful information about motorbikes. The information offered starts with finding new or used motorcycles, searching for parts, accessories, and apparel to forums as well as communities. The offers are equipped with info on specifications and prices.

Moladin, a Startup That Offers Various Motorcycle Information
Moladin, a Startup That Offers Various Motorcycle Information

The presence of this forum can bridge people who do not have free time in the workshop to gather important information about their motorbikes. This easy access to information also makes motorbikes an attractive mode for commuter workers to use.

This is because users can meet with other motorcycle users in the Moladin forum. In this case, they can meet others by certain brands to particular motorbike variants. Users can share information and important tips for their motorcycle maintenance as well by joining the forum.

Moladin Offers Online Forum for Bikers in Indonesia

“Through this online platform, bikers have a place to get information about the world of motorbikes as well as interact with fellow bikers in Indonesia,” Mario Tanamas, Moladin Co-Founder, explained in a statement. In the statement, Moladin also mentioned an increase in the number of motorbikes in Jakarta.

With an average rate of 5.3% per year, it became the reason for the appearance of this platform. These data form the basis of the high potential of buying and selling motorcycles. Furthermore, there are already many people who use the sales system and request for motorcycle loans online.

Moladin, a Startup That Offers Various Motorcycle Information
Moladin, a Startup That Offers Various Motorcycle Information

These requests were popular either through the web or applications. “Moladin was deliberately made to make the life of bikers in Indonesia easier,” Jovin Hoon, Moladin’s Co-Founder, explained in the same statement. Moladin helps people buy and provide motorcycle loans without having to leave home or come to a dealer.

In general, Moladin is now to help the public connect with leasing and dealers without having to leave their homes. Moladin also connects motorcycle rider clubs through forums that can be used to ask questions about motorcycle problems and find solutions by discussing with fellow bikers in the forum.

Moladin Received Funding from East Ventures and Other Investors

Since serving the motorcycle trading services in November 2017, this startup has earned 1 million USD in sales and experienced sales growth of 20-30% per month. Seeing this success, Moladin recently received funding from three large companies including East Ventures, Berjaya Group from Malaysia, and Ethos Partners.

The total investment is USD 1.2 million. With the injection of these fresh funds, Moladin will expand its business to other parts of Indonesia, especially Java and Sumatra. “Before Moladin comes, the purchase of a motorcycle was done conventionally. It was very time consuming and complicated,” Jovin said.

Moladin, a Startup That Offers Various Motorcycle Information
Moladin, a Startup That Offers Various Motorcycle Information

The average consumers must make 2-3 visits to the dealer to get the motorbike that they want. Then, another long process is when making a payment transaction until the registration of the license plate number. This is why Moladin’s presence can be welcomed by the public.

Unlike other e-commerce sites, Moladin offers a lot of down-payment motorbike discounts because it works directly with motorcycle dealers. More than 40 motorcycle dealers have collaborated with Moladin. The official price is directly from the dealer, so it is typically lower than in other places as well.

Not only cooperating with dealers, but Moladin also cooperates with leasing to make it easier for customers to pay motorcycles in installments or credit. Leasing motorcycles that have collaborated with Moladin include Oto, BAF, Adira, and WOM Finance. Moladin has the tagline ‘Remember Motorcycle, Remember Moladin’.