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SejutaCita Startup Presents Information Services for Scholarships

SejutaCita Startup Presents Information Services for Scholarships

Local startup from Indonesia, SejutaCita, which carries the concept of an aggregator application, is here to assist students in finding self-development events on a local, national and international scale. 

SejutaCita offers various events for students from high school (SMA) and vocational high schools (SMK) in Indonesia. 

Through the SejutaCita application, students can get information on youth events ranging from webinars, competitions for students, classes, conferences, scholarships, internships and more. 

SejutaCita Startup Presents Information Services for Scholarships

CEO of SejutaCita Andhika Sudarman said, through this application, the event committee that opened the event for students could easily accept participant registration and also inform the event being held. 

“This application helps the committee create events as well as promote more than 700 thousand young SejutaCita users,” said Andhika at the Demo Day Local Corn event: This is the Champion of Indonesian Local StartUps!, Friday (3/9/2021). 

In addition, Andhika also revealed that the SejutaCita application can help students to develop themselves. 

Become an Event Marketplace for Students in Indonesia 

The SejutCita application itself was launched in December 2020, and has attracted 1,892,327 users. In this application, there are also more than 4,000 events that can be participated by students in Indonesia. 

In addition, this application also offers a non-fiction books summary reading feature which consists of more than 100 books that can be read by students. These books are available in Indonesian and English written and audio. 

With the various services provided for these students, continued Andhika, students can develop their abilities independently by accessing features from SejutaCita. 

SejutaCita Startup Presents Information Services for Scholarships

SejutaCita can also be regarded as an event marketplace for Indonesian students, by offering many events for students to develop productively. 

Andhika also mentioned that SejutaCita’s mission in 2021 is to launch the Booku feature, which is a non-fiction book summary service that can be read by students for self-development. 

“Then in 2022, we have a mission to open a master class service that can be used by students to develop themselves according to the field of interest in a video for the master class level,” said Andhika. 

Local Startups Have a Big Impact on the National Economy 

Tribun Network CEO Dahlan Dahi said that the LokalCorn event initiated by HP and Tribunnews was a solution for local startups to develop. 

According to him, startup founders who follow LocalCorn will have an economic impact through creative ideas. 

“For almost three months, LokalCorn’s activities have created a new forum for sharing and discussion. We believe that local startups have a big impact on the region,” said Dahlan in the virtual LokalCorn Demo Day: This is the Champion of Indonesian Local StartUps!, Friday (3/9/2021). 

SejutaCita Startup Presents Information Services for Scholarships

Dahlan said it was time for local startups to make an impact throughout Indonesia. “LokalCorn’s enthusiasm this year has been very positive. We hope that in the future we can continue to hold competitions like this to find superior talent in each region,” he said. 

He believes that local startups help people find a more efficient, effective and meaningful way of life. LocalCorn, initiated by HP and Tribunnews, has entered the final stage. 

The competition for local startups is getting hotter to compete for the best three positions in this national-scale startup competition. 

In the initial stage, hundreds of registered startups were screened through a series of selections, leaving the top 30 local startups selected. Thirty startups managed to get the opportunity to take part in a coaching clinic with the founders of big startups. 

Furthermore, 10 local startups have been selected that have successfully advanced to the next round. They have successfully wowed the judges through their business proposal presentation in August 2021. 

And finally, the 10 startups will again show their teeth to compete for the seats of the three best startups on a national scale. They are Fishlog, Taman Siswa, Educourse, Create It, Chickin, Lister, Algobash, SejutaCita, Turnkey ID and Rentique.