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Paper.id Presents E-seal for Digital Invoice Transactions

Paper.id Presents E-seal for Digital Invoice Transactions

Leveraging a strategic partnership with PERURI, the business billing and payment platform Paper.id began providing users with an e-stamp option.

Paper.id Presents E-seal for Digital Invoice Transactions

Claiming to be the first SaaS to take advantage of this service, now businesses don’t have to bother looking for a physical seal to increase the legality of their documents.

Through Paper.id, users can directly purchase and affix an e-stamp in an invoice that is created. The e-stamp that has been added to the invoice from Paper.id can also be verified using an application from PERURI to check its validity in real time.

Paper.id CTO Yosia Sugialam said that his party wanted to facilitate digital transactions which are increasingly being used by business people. That way, the validity of invoices can be increased so that trust between businesses can be maintained and reduce the risk of forgery.

“We really appreciate the government’s steps in implementing digitalization and ratifying e-seal at the end of 2021. Starting from 2022, there will be no longer any barriers for business actors to digitize business documents, such as invoices,” said Yosia.

Regarding awareness of the use of e-seal to users, in the future, Paper.id will educate about the importance of e-seal for digital documents for businesses through social media, business communities, events, partner collaborations and other mediums for both users and non-Paper.id users.

Paper.id Presents E-seal for Digital Invoice Transactions

MSME Players Can Use the Paper.id Service

More than 300 thousand MSME players who already use Paper.id can immediately create digital invoices, affix an e-stamp, and send them online.

Recipients can view invoices that have been affixed with the e-stamp and are valid through Paper PayIn (Buyer Portal) Paper.id and make payments digitally through the payment methods available on Paper.id.

If the Buyer or the recipient of the invoice has also used Paper.id, through a business connection at Paper.id, then they can change the invoice automatically into a purchase invoice, making it easier for business actors to carry out the billing and purchase process.

Moreover, all digital payments on Paper.id can be matched automatically against invoices so that users do not need to do manual matching or reconciliation between invoices and payments.

Currently, Paper.id has processed more than 200 thousand invoices every month. The potential for the use of e-stamp is very large and can have a significant impact on both business actors who already use Paper.id and potential users who are interested in digitizing their billing process.

Founded at the end of 2016, Paper.id can be integrated with large enterprise ERP systems via API or become an end-to-end solution for MSMEs to connect and digitize the entire supply chain process.

Since 2020, Paper.id has also collaborated with several financial institutions to offer appropriate funding or financing programs for MSME business actors and give them control to regulate the tempo of their suppliers and buyers.

Paper.id Presents E-seal for Digital Invoice Transactions

Issued by Peruri

The e-seal has been approved by the Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani as the official Stamp Duty based on law in October 2021. The PERURI website also contains complete information about e-seal users for the public.

Regarding the stamp duty of Rp. 10,000, Paper.id handed over everything to Peruri in accordance with the applicable rules. In this case, Paper.id does not get any commission. All were immediately directed to PERURI and confirmed that this choice was an added value for business activities.

PERURI in this case as a State-Owned Enterprise is assigned by the State to carry out the procurement, distribution and sale of seals.

So far, only Paper.id has integrated the use of E-seal on the platform. In accordance with the Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 10 of 2020, it is noted that in terms of business activities, paperless is an option to increase efficiency. In line with that, electronic transactions are also growing so that contracts can be executed electronically via the internet network.