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Telkomsel Launches the NextDev Talent Scouting 2020

Telkomsel Launches the NextDev Talent Scouting 2020

Telkomsel is again holding The Next Dev Talent Scouting and The Next Dev Academy in 2020. The announcement was made in an activity titled The Next Dev Summit 2020: Wrap Up which was broadcast live via YouTube on Wednesday (25/11).

The Next Dev Talent Scouting and The Next Dev Academy activities were held again to strengthen Telkomsel’s efforts through The Next Dev in capturing and promoting more early-stage start-ups that have a positive social impact in Indonesia.

Vice President for Corporate Communications of Telkomsel Denny Abidin said, since it was held in 2015, The Next Dev has partnered with more than 5,000 start-ups from all over Indonesia. This year, the company wants to continue strengthening The Next Dev, which has become a solid ecosystem for start-ups in Indonesia, especially those in its early stages.

Telkomsel Launches the NextDev Talent Scouting 2020

“This year we want to continue to strengthen The NextDev, which has become a solid ecosystem for startups in Indonesia, especially those in the early stages,” said Denny, in an official statement from Telkomsel received Thursday (26/11/2020).

The NextDev Talent Scouting is a national scale competition for early-stage startups that have a social impact and are able to strengthen the digital ecosystem in Indonesia through the implementation of technology in a wider sector. In 2020, the event is divided into four categories, namely The Borderless Digital Economy, Envirotech For Better Planet, Healthtech Innovation, and Edtech for All.

The NextDev Academy

All categories have been designed based on the Sustainable Development Goals so that The NextDev Talent Scouting can form an early-stage startup that is able to provide technology-based solutions to solve fundamental problems in society.

Meanwhile, The NextDev Academy is a place to develop social impact technology startups with a comprehensive curriculum and guidance from the best mentors in their fields. The event will be attended by finalists from The NextDev Talent Scouting 2019.

Telkomsel Launches the NextDev Talent Scouting 2020

There are five main things in this year’s curriculum that will be given to the startups. Those are Marketing, Finance & Investment, Social Impact, People Management, and Deep Tech.

The curriculum is supported by the three main pillars of organizing The NextDev, namely Technology, Team Dynamic, and Collaborative Spirit in order to create startups that are able to develop sustainably.

3 Best Startups from NextDev 2020

“We hope that The NextDev Talent Scouting and The NextDev Academy this year will again receive a positive response from the participants as in previous years,” said Denny. Therefore, according to Denny, The NextDev is expected to be a stronger ecosystem for early-stage startups in Indonesia to grow and produce more technology-based innovations.

In turn, this will be able to provide positive social impacts and real changes for people in various regions in Indonesia, as well as expand the benefits of technology implementation in various sectors of life.

Telkomsel Launches the NextDev Talent Scouting 2020

The competition for The NextDev 2020 application from Telkomsel reached its peak on November 15. From this event, three startups were selected which eliminated 10 other finalists who entered the final round. The three startups with the best ideas in Telkomsel’s The NextDev 2020 competition are Digiflux, QATA, and Pathway.

Digiflux is a startup that offers a smart influencer marketing platform. They offer solutions in selecting or recommending the right influencer according to the product of the brand owner whose payments are made according to the live report data and performance of the posts.

QATA is a platform that helps MSMEs to create copywriting templates with Drag and Drop features and ready-to-use layouts that are practical solutions for digital branding without spending any marketing fees. Meanwhile, Pathway is a platform that helps content creators find content ideas and helps increase the number of views and likes, especially on the Instagram platform.