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Zenius Tests Public Knowledge, Posts Questions on Videotron to Trucks

Zenius Tests Public Knowledge, Posts Questions on Videotron to Trucks

Zenius Education has just launched a campaign titled #MulaiDariManaAja. Through this campaign, Zenius puts practice questions about math, verbal logic, and English in unusual places, such as a videotron, the back of a truck, to a glass of juice.

This campaign was held in a number of major cities in Indonesia, such as Jakarta, Bandung, and Semarang. This campaign is Zenius’ way of inviting Indonesians to improve their basic skills in these three areas.

According to Zenius CEO Rohan Monga, Zenius’ main message through this campaign is that learning fundamental skills can be started from anywhere, regardless of each person’s educational level and background.

Zenius Tests Public Knowledge, Posts Questions on Videotron to Trucks

“We believe that when a person has good fundamental skills, they will be able to capture information faster and be able to think critically and rationally, which in turn can help them to improve their quality of life,” said Rohan in an official statement received, Friday (2/7/2021).

This campaign also received a response from netizens in Indonesia and was perched on Twitter’s trending topic. Zenius also revealed that this campaign managed to collect more than 100 thousand total votes from questions circulating in Sumatra to Sulawesi.

Of the total answers, there were about 73 percent (73,893 votes) who answered correctly and 27 percent (27,871 votes) gave wrong answers. This shows that there is a learning gap in society and Zenius feels it needs to be addressed.

Launching ZenCore as an Effort

To answer this problem, Zenius also launched a new feature called ZenCore. This feature consists of two main parts, namely CorePractice and CoreInsight.

CorePratice is a practice site with hundreds of thousands of questions consisting of three main branches of concentration, such as verbal logic, mathematics, and English. Later, this exercise can be adjusted to the level of understanding of each individual.

Meanwhile, CoreInsight presents a variety of enlightening knowledge, such as philosophy, basic science, and history. The knowledge provided is expected to support and broaden the user’s insight and point of view.

Zenius Tests Public Knowledge, Posts Questions on Videotron to Trucks

The ZenCore feature itself can be accessed for free in the Zenius application. There are a total of over 135K questions with 100 levels presented for the CorePratice section.

Zenius Announces Pre-Series B Funding

Earlier this year, Zenius announced a Pre-Series B funding round for an undisclosed amount. At this stage, new investors Openspace Ventures and Alpha JWC Ventures join Northstar, BeeNext, and Kinesys which previously supported the startup’s Series A funding.

With this investment, Zenius plans to use it to further develop its platform, while meeting the growing market demand. Moreover, throughout 2020, this edtech startup managed to grow quite strongly.

Zenius managed to record revenue growth of more than 70 percent in the second half of 2020, compared to the same period in 2019. Not only that, but Zenius also started to adopt a freemium business model after carrying out application updates and rebranding in June 2020.

Zenius Tests Public Knowledge, Posts Questions on Videotron to Trucks

“Zenius is one of the most promising ed-tech companies we’ve ever seen. For more than a decade, they have demonstrated a track record of demonstrating proven learning outcomes and reinventing their core business as new mediums emerge,” said Director of Openspace Ventures Ian Sikora.

CEO of Zenius, Rohan Monga also said the company will continue to develop new features to help get the best learning outcomes through its technology.

One of the newly launched is the Automated Doubt-Solving feature through our application and WhatsApp. This feature will provide students with a solution by simply using the camera on their cell phone.

“The system will then recommend videos and practice questions to explain the process behind the solution and allow students to actively apply them in a given set of practice questions,” he said in an official statement, Wednesday (6/1/2021).