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Amtiss Participates in WingArc Data Empowerment Accelerator

Amtiss Participates in WingArc Data Empowerment Accelerator

Amtiss, a startup company based on the Software as a Service (Saas) application which was founded in 2015, provides services to simplify the process of maintaining heavy machinery.

The company facilitates efficient communication and collaboration across maintenance teams, by serving as a central platform for fast and highly accurate reporting.

CEO of Amtiss, Ivan Gautama said, the maintenance team is tasked with digitizing workflows, through real-time tools. So as to increase productivity by reducing response, approval, and report generation.

Amtiss also helps employees track equipment consumption and automate the creation of preventive maintenance schedules.

Amtiss Participates in WingArc Data Empowerment Accelerator

“Such as simplifying work orders, by allowing them to easily monitor and manage inventory,” he said, Friday (2/7/2021).

According to him, the Amtiss startup service is to support resources, as well as the demands for the maintenance operation budget. So that its clients realize greater cost efficiency, through better resource planning and allocation results.

Through the WingArc accelerator program, continued Ivan Gautama, it aims to provide data analytics capabilities. Which is to inform decision making, so that its clients can continue to optimize business practices.

Even as of April 2021, startup Amtiss participated in the WingArc Data Empowerment Accelerator, which is also supported by WingArc1st and Meet Ventures. The collaboration, to improve the product offerings of SaaS applications.

Data Technologies to Improve SaaS Application Product Offerings

The program is to enhance SaaS application product offerings by combining data technology with the help of Japan’s largest data company, known as WingArc1st.

“This is by combining data technology through assistance, from the largest data company in Japan, known as WingArc1st,” he said.

Through the Accelerator Program, Ivan Gautama spent 3 months with the management team and WingArc engineers, developing concepts and creating data technologies for new products.

In addition to product development, Meet Ventures (accelerator co-organizer) brought together Amtiss Co-founder Ivan Gautama with 18 mentors from Singapore. It consists of university professors, top executives from Singapore’s largest companies and investors.

Partner at Meet Ventures, Farhan Firdaus said that Amtiss is like a technology startup, which has high potential and skill among startups in Indonesia.

Amtiss Participates in WingArc Data Empowerment Accelerator

Organizing Demo Day

Amtiss is believed to be a catalyst in digital transformation for industries that use heavy machinery in Indonesia. Such as the construction, mining, and manufacturing industries.

On July 6, 2021, WingArc and Meet Ventures will hold a Demo Day. Amtiss itself will be present in the online room.

It contains 100 potential investors including investment banks, venture capital firms from Southeast Asia and India, who may be interested in becoming Amtiss partners or investors in the future.

Amtiss is also being considered by WingArc for a cash grant of up to US$30,000 and a potential investment of up to US$300,000.

Continue to Expand International Market

Digital startups fostered by Indigo.id in the field of corporate asset management, continue to expand the global market even though they have only been established in the last few years.

Ivan F Gautama, CEO of Amtiss said that since obtaining the seed round or further funding, Amtiss has added several large clients.

Amtiss Participates in WingArc Data Empowerment Accelerator

Since then, it has added several major clients, including PT Gapura Angkasa for the management of equipment and machinery at the airport, and PT Kalimantan Prima Persada as a subsidiary of United Tractors in the management of mining equipment in Kalimantan.

The company, which has offices in EV Hive, BSD Banten, and 115 Amoy Street, Singapore, offers cloud-based asset management solutions that help companies minimize asset operating costs and maximize service life through predictive maintenance.

The two main cloud-based applications are desktop and Android. The desktop version is used to manage and monitor overall assets.

While the Android version is used to report inspections of asset conditions by uploading photos and reporting on their condition. Some of the business sectors that Amtiss supports are the mining industry, construction, transportation, hospitals, to government.