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Zenius Launches Free Learning Management Platform for Teachers

Zenius Launches Free Learning Management Platform for Teachers

Zenius has just launched a teacher learning management platform called Zenius for Teachers. According to this startup edtech, the platform was developed by teachers and is aimed at the needs of teachers from various subjects and all levels of education. Broadly speaking, this platform is here to make it easier to manage learning activities.

“This system is present as a co-creation platform to help teachers teach, share subject matter, sort and assign questions, and get analysis of student work results,” said Chief of Teachers Initiative Zenius Education, Amanda P. Witdarmono in an official statement.

Zenius Launches Free Learning Management Platform for Teachers

The development of Zenius for Teachers is also inseparable from the efforts of this edtech startup to improve Indonesia’s educational competence. Especially in this pandemic era, teachers face the challenge of conducting distance learning with students.

Not only are they looking for interesting study materials, but teachers must also make exam questions that are suitable for students’ cognitive levels and understanding. Not to mention, they need to design teaching and learning activities that are fun, motivating, and easy to accept, even if they don’t interact directly with students.

“With a learning management system that can be accessed free of charge, we hope that teachers can have more time to do what they are good at; increasing quality learning interactions with students so that students have high literacy and numeracy skills,” continued Amanda.

Before being launched, Zenius itself had opened access to this system to more than 6,000 teachers in Indonesia. By granting this early access, the company hopes to get input and improve this system.

Zenius Platform Capabilities for Teachers

Through Zenius for Teachers, teachers can create online classes, manage student homework deadlines, and share concept videos from Zenius as additional material.

The presence of this platform was welcomed, among others, by one of the teachers from SMA Gajah Mada Bandar Lampung, Ervina Septiani. He said, this platform allows him to make materials and problems more efficiently because it uses materials from Zenius as his base.

Zenius Launches Free Learning Management Platform for Teachers

“Then, the automatic scoring system really saves time. I can focus more on interacting with students and encouraging and monitoring their progress,” Ervina explained.

The Zenius Platform for Teachers can be directly accessed for free via its official website. Teachers who are interested in using and registering can see more information from the platform’s social media accounts.

Zenius Now Serves more than 15 Million Users Across Indonesia

Previously, Zenius had just revealed that its users experienced a high increase during the Covid-19 pandemic. Zenius CEO Rohan Monga said that in total Zenius serves more than 15 million users in Indonesia who access from websites or applications.

“During the pandemic, we received millions of users who registered,” said Rohan Monga, at an online press conference about announcing Zenius-Telkomsel scholarship recipients, Wednesday (11/11/2020) afternoon.

Rohan said that his party could not provide a target user by the end of the year. The reason is that Zenius’s mission is to help provide better education to Indonesian children and that achievement can be achieved in a long-term target such as 4-5 years.

Zenius Launches Free Learning Management Platform for Teachers

“We want to be able to help more students throughout Indonesia by presenting high-quality educational content, to support children to get a better education,” he said.

Previously, Zenius and Telkomsel announced 96 high school students with the highest scores from the Zenius Telkomsel Scholarship Test (ZTST) scholarship program. These students from all over Indonesia outperformed more than 15,000 other test takers from Banda Aceh to Timika, Papua.

This ZTST is a selection test to get scholarships from Telkomsel and Zenius with a total value of Rp 3 billion and is given in the form of LinkAja balances, Telkomsel pulses, and Zenius study packages.