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BYRU.ID Focuses on Increasing Career Paths of Blue Collar Workers

BYRU.ID Focuses on Increasing Career Paths of Blue Collar Workers

The low competence and income of blue-collar workers affects their chances of getting a career advancement. Based on BPS records, as of 2019 the average wage for informal sector workers in Indonesia only reached IDR 1.816 million per month.

BYRU.ID Focuses on Increasing Career Paths of Blue Collar Workers

The daily nominal wage for national farm workers is Rp. 53,604 per day. Then, the nominal daily wage for construction workers is IDR 88,442 per day. In general, informal workers have a low educational background. The International Labor Organization (ILO) in 2010 described informal workers as “vulnerable workers”.

Generally they do not get basic rights such as work accident insurance, health insurance, decent working hours, or other benefits.

Seeing these issues and opportunities, a startup targeting blue-finished workers BYRU.id launched in March 2022. His vision is to produce quality and valuable blue workers.

Founder & CEO of BYRU.id Nathaniel Nugroho Liman said that the platform developed not only helps recruiters to find relevant blue-collar workers, but also helps workers themselves to improve their competence and skills through the BYRU.id Academy.

“The benefits we provide are more for the career path. When they join us, they will be more exposed to more decent jobs. Especially after attending the academy that we present,” Nathaniel said.

Unlike other blue collar platforms, BYRU.id will provide recommendations directly to users automatically, after they register on the platform.

Currently they claim to have around 3500 workers and 4 companies that have established strategic partnerships. Around 97% of these workers are spread across Jabodetabek, but there are also among them in Bali, Medan, Semarang, Bandung, Yogyakarta, and Surabaya.

“We have the aspiration to become a national service worker with the various needs of blue-collar workers with ease,” Nathaniel said. Platforms that offer similar services include MyRobin, Lumina, Smart, Side, and AdaKerja.

BYRU.ID Focuses on Increasing Career Paths of Blue Collar Workers

Target Outsourcing Companies

For the monetization strategy, BYRU.id charges companies that need workers. They also target outsourcing companies to MSMEs that need talent.

It is interesting to take a closer look because it turns out that not many outsourcing companies are equipped with technology or integrated systems to control and manage.

With technology owned by BYRU.id, namely HRIS (Human Resources Information System), companies can now see employee performance, monitor attendance, and provide payslips easily.

“Not only for companies, but we can also use the HRIS to manage the data of incoming workers. With the HRIS, everything can be verified, from daily workers to the discipline of the workers,” said Natahniel.

He added that currently there are around 890 outsourcing companies in Indonesia, but only about 10 companies have an integrated system.

With earned wage access (EWA) and HRIS options, it is hoped that it will help them to adopt technology. Since its launch, BYRU.id has received funding from Asiantrust Capital. It is not stated how much the investment value they received.

Currently to be able to acquire more users and carry out corporate campaign activities, the company plans to conduct a fundraising round earlier this year. The target is that by the end of 2022, they will be able to pocket the fresh funds.

“We are still building as much traction as we can because we still have enough runways. We are also doing more and more strategic cooperation with high schools and companies,” Nathaniel said.

BYRU.ID Focuses on Increasing Career Paths of Blue Collar Workers

Becoming An Informal Worker Solution

Byru.id is a special platform that exists to improve the living standards of informal workers in Indonesia with digital technology.

The use of this technology aims to facilitate job search, without illegal fees or job scams, which then verifies work results, provides financial convenience, and increases skills through trusted vocational training.

Byru.id will bring together job seekers with companies through a trusted platform. Byru.id is also committed to improving HR competencies through certified training, so as to obtain financial convenience and ease in monitoring work results.