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Zenius Gives Support Facilities in Areas of Distance Learning

Zenius Gives Support Facilities in Areas of Distance Learning

Welcoming the anniversary of Indonesia’s independence, Zenius Education has again contributed to the field of education. The Edtech startup announced that it will provide assistance to teachers and students in areas that need supporting facilities to realize a better implementation of Distance Learning (PJJ).

In practice, Zenius will hold a live ceremony on August 17 this year through the Zenius app. For each virtual attendance per individual ceremony participant, Zenius will donate around IDR 2,000 with an allocation of 50 percent for teacher facilities and 50 percent for student facilities.

Zenius Gives Support Facilities in Areas of Distance Learning

The realization and distribution of assistance will be handled by Kitabisa.com. The areas that are the target of this program are areas throughout Indonesia that are most constrained by implementing PJJ due to being affected by the pandemic.

“A nation will not be truly independent of mind without a good education. Inspired by the same spirit, we want to help bring better education to educate people in regions with real facilities, and we invite all elements of society as fellow countrymen to make it happen,” said Sabda PS, Chief Education Officer at Zenius Education in the company’s official statement.

Even though we cannot perform the ceremony directly, said the Word, the spirit and joy of the independence celebration can still be carried out while contributing significantly to our brothers and sisters in need.

Zenius’s Hope for Indonesian Education

Completing Sabda’s statement, Amanda Witdarmono, Head of Teachers Initiatives at Zenius Education hopes that this initiative can be well received by teachers and students in areas in need.

“This is a tangible form of our concern for the world of education in Indonesia in the spirit of independence. The election to provide facilities that support teachers and students in implementing PJJ, is based on the field conditions we found,” said Amanda.

Zenius Gives Support Facilities in Areas of Distance Learning

Amanda said there are still many teachers and students with high enthusiasm for carrying out distance learning, but they are still constrained by limited infrastructures such as cellphones and the internet.

Zenius is holding a virtual ceremony which will be held on Monday, 17 August 2020 at 09.00 WIB. The ceremony will be led by tutor Zenius Leonard Alden and attended by students and teachers from 34 provinces across Indonesia.

Anyone who wants to participate in helping Zenius to contribute to teachers and students in PJJ constrained areas can take part in this live ceremony through the Zenius application which can be downloaded on Google Play and on the App Store.

Zenius Strategy to Increase Transactions during New Normal Era

Since March or the Covid-19 pandemic began to break out in Indonesia, Quipper has supported more than 9 thousand schools. The company has also held 87 thousand online classes, processed 187 thousand assignments, and 106 million questions. A similar step will be taken by Zenius.

Zenius Education CEO Rohan Moga said the company focuses on providing services that integrate face-to-face and online learning. He considered, online learning services only support learning in schools. Teacher duties cannot be replaced. Meanwhile, the engineer focuses on easing the burden on the teacher.

Zenius Gives Support Facilities in Areas of Distance Learning

“Teachers can focus on providing assistance and involving students in productive discussions while motivating students,” Rohan told Katadata.co.id.

Even so, Zenius launched new products, namely Zenius Ultima and Zenius Optima. Both products present the concept of hands-on and interactive learning by senior tutors. Users can provide direct questions to the tutor and will be discussed together in the session.

There are at least 80 thousand learning videos and practice questions from Zenius that can be accessed for free on the Gojek application. This video consists of grade 1 to 12 material, according to the applicable national curriculum.