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Payou.id Offers Solutions for MSME Players to Go Digital

Payou.id Offers Solutions for MSME Players to Go Digital

Therefore, a solution is needed that can answer these challenges. Seeing this as an opportunity, several young people from Yogyakarta are working on an online platform called Payou.id which was launched in August 2020.

Nielsen reports that in the first quarter of 2020, the FMCG sector experienced very positive growth. However, several product categories such as Personal Care and Beauty, Packaged Drinks, and Indulgence are predicted to experience challenges amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Payou.id Offers Solutions for MSME Players to Go Digital

Alam Budi Satriyo Djiwodikromo, CEO at Payou.id stated that he and his colleagues have the vision to help MSMEs go digital so they can seize market opportunities through online platforms.

Indeed, since the Covid-19 pandemic, people have been silent and carrying out their activities from home, including to meet their daily needs through online shopping. Unfortunately, according to Alam, currently, there are still many MSMEs that are experiencing difficulties.

Unlike the players who have already entered this sector, Payou.id focuses on the local MSME market share in each city.

“Even MSMEs can experience the practicality of selling using Payou.id because it supports services especially local to a complete order system. Business owners can develop strategies to increase their sales turnover from their own data,” said Alam.

Some of Payou.id’s excellent features are shipping options that consumers can take by themselves, the choice of courier services or business owners can also choose the option to deliver their orders to consumers. In addition, Payou.id also makes it easier for consumers with a payment system to pay on the spot.

There are two packages that MSMEs can choose, namely the Starter package, which is priced at IDR 698 thousand and the Pro package, which is priced at IDR 1,398 million.

People Rely on Online Shopping during the Pandemic

The majority of Indonesians during the Corona COVID-19 virus pandemic still relied on online shopping. Based on data managed by Payou.id, online shopping still occupies 46 percent of the most choices, followed by working from home (WFH) 25 percent and using food delivery as much as 21 percent.

This data was released in May 2020. Meanwhile, data from Nielsen Singapore in 2019 stated that 58 percent of Indonesians routinely buy food from delivery services. Looking at these data, consumer behavior, which has begun to tolerate online purchases, has entered a new normal stage.

Payou.id Offers Solutions for MSME Players to Go Digital

A situation where consumers prefer not to come directly to the store because they are worried about their health. Even though the distance between shops and consumers is still in one city. Meanwhile, 28 percent of e-commerce applications were used during the COVID-19 pandemic. Likewise, food delivery service applications get a percentage of 28 percent.

Marketplace is the Mainstay of Businesspeople

Like most businesses, people start trying to sell their products through marketplaces and social media. Platform choices such as Bukalapak, Tokopedia, and Shopee are still a mainstay among business people, both beginners and those who already have a turnover of more than IDR 100 million.

This is due to the ease of access for consumers to reach the products they want. For sellers, the marketplace provides space without paying for server fees.

Payou.id Offers Solutions for MSME Players to Go Digital

“However, the marketplace has its own drawbacks. Intense competition between sellers is inevitable. Even slashing prices is also a major obstacle for MSMEs that are just starting to increase their turnover online,” said CEO of Payou.id, Alam Budi Satriyo Djiwodikromo, Sunday, August 16, 2020.

Therefore, he launched Payou.id as an online platform that brings together consumers and businesses online outside of the marketplace. It can even be an alternative website for buying and selling online locally.

Payou.id has excellent features, namely consumers and business people do not need to install applications anymore, which means it can be accessed directly from the website. Not only that, but this platform also presents an order system with two conveniences, namely direct order and pre-order.