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10 Coworking Space Jakarta You May Consider to Rent

10 Coworking Space Jakarta You May Consider to Rent

Today, there are 10 coworking space Jakarta available to support business people. Coworking space is now the belle of startup companies to serve as offices and company operational locations. Choosing the best coworking space should be your priority by considering many factors like price and facilities. 

The rental price is quite cheap with fairly complete facilities, a factor that makes coworking space selling well and much sought after. You no longer need to be busy buying lots of things to start a startup.

10 Coworking Space Jakarta You May Consider to Rent

No need to pay rent for a building to become an office, Simply rent coworking space and everything can be resolved. To be more comfortable, coworking space also offers many facilities for you who want to work there. Coworking space facilities are generally diverse and can accommodate all needs during work.

In Indonesia, there are many coworking spaces that can be rented by business actors, as well as workers who want to get these facilities. Rental prices also vary. You can rent it with hourly payments, per day or monthly. Some of them even offer very cheap prices, starting from 100 thousand per day.

10 Coworking Space Jakarta with Amazing Facilities You Can Rent

1. Greenhouse

Located in the Multivision Tower building, Greenhouse is a coworking space with a Penthouse concept with views of Jakarta’s skyscrapers.

Although it carries the concept of a penthouse and presents a fairly complete service, Greenhouse tries not to set prices too high for its customers. Currently, they offer several packages ranging from Hot Desk to Private Office.

2. CoHive

CoHive (formerly EV Hive and COCOWORK) is a coworking space made by East Ventures, a venture capital company that was launched in early June 2015. With coworking space spread across dozens of locations in Jakarta, CoHive provides two types of workspace, namely private space and shared space. CoHive is a coworking space player with the most branch locations in Indonesia.

10 Coworking Space Jakarta You May Consider to Rent

3. Conclave

If you live in the Kebayoran Baru area, Conclave can be an option. Visitors who choose the monthly membership package at Conclave will get several special benefits, such as 24-hour access.

Visitors who want to hold an event can also enjoy an auditorium that can accommodate 150 people with an atmosphere of the room suitable for workshops, meetups and the like.

4. Kenobi Space

Located in Colony Building, Kemang, this coworking space offers a variety of facilities ranging from private office areas with a capacity of eight people, meeting rooms, auditoriums, and coworking rooms that can accommodate up to sixty people.

Besides being used for workshops, seminars and meetups, Kenobi Space also serves as a meeting place for the film fan community, Jakarta Cinema Club.

5. TierSpace

By combining minimalist and industrial architectural designs, TierSpace offers collaborative coworking space facilities in the Senopati area, South Jakarta.

TierSpace provides a variety of facilities such as a Shared Working Space, Lounge Area, Meeting Rooms, Private Suites, and smoking areas on the outdoor terrace. In order to organize events such as meetups, workshops, etc., all TierSpace facilities can also be ordered as needed at night and on weekends.

10 Coworking Space Jakarta You May Consider to Rent

6. Koléga

Koléga first appeared in Tebet, an area that is quite popular with young people in Jakarta. By being in a strategic location, Koléga wants to be a place to collaborate for various startups, players in the creative industry, freelancers, communities, entrepreneurs, to students.

Following Koléga Tebet, which began operating on 1 August 2015, they are now also present in the Senopati, Antasari, and various other locations in South Jakarta. In addition to being a place of work, Koléga is also used as a venue for various events. They also hold monthly routine events in collaboration with startups or entrepreneurship activists.

7. Wellspaces

Wellspaces (formerly called Freeware Spaces) provides a coworking space network called Wellspaces which involves many startups in the realm of technology, fashion, to entertainment. Some startups listed as members and alumni of Wellspaces are Konsaato, Maskoolin, and Brodo.

Besides coworking space in Kemang, SCBD, and BSD, they have office space and dedicated desk facilities in various other locations. Wellspaces provides Shared Working Stations for residents who want to work together, and Private Office Space for members who want a more personal work atmosphere.

They also hold events on a regular basis, so you also have the opportunity to do networking with several startups or other entrepreneurs, even meeting investors.

8. Avenue8

Avenue8 is a coworking space in Menteng, Central Jakarta that targets startups and businesses. To make it unique compared to other coworking spaces, Avenue8 offers concierge services to maximize customer comfort while working.

With this concierge service, Avenue8 residents can get special services, ranging from brewing coffee in the morning, ordering food, ordering vehicles if you want to go to the airport, to restaurant reservations.

9. UnionSPACE

UnionSPACE, formerly known as Cre8, has various branches in North, West, and South Jakarta. This coworking space provides various membership options, namely membership system for monthly usage, Virtual Office, to private office space.

They also provide a number of work support facilities such as lounges, bars, meeting rooms, and a mini-library. Other facilities that you can enjoy are; free drinks, as well as standard presentation devices such as televisions and projectors.

10. Estubizi

Estubizi is a shared workspace facility located in Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta. By carrying out creative and simple interior design, Estubizi provides space for coworking space, serviced offices, virtual offices, meetings, to special rooms with a capacity of tens of people for event needs.

Actually, there are still many coworking spaces in Jakarta. The presence of coworking space is indeed a solution for the growing startup business in Indonesia. Coworking space is also more preferred by millennials because the concept is more interesting and unique compared to conventional offices.

Not only that, a fast and stable internet connection is also one of the considerations of people to prefer working in coworking space compared to at home or just in a cafe. 10 coworking space Jakarta as mentioned above can be a consideration for you who are looking for it.

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