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Ruangguru Holds Training & Webinars to Celebrate National Teacher’s Day

Ruangguru Holds Training & Webinars to Celebrate National Teacher's Day

Ruangguru has opened access to online training to enrich teacher teaching skills during this pandemic. Until now, this training service has been accessed by more than 200 thousand teachers in Indonesia.

Through this training service, teachers receive various enrichment materials, such as information technology-based learning, learning strategies, curriculum planning, educational insights, and strategies to become motivational and communicative teachers. As an effort to strengthen this training, Ruangguru also held a series of webinars to coincide with the commemoration of National Teachers’ Day.

The webinar, which was held from 18 to 24 November 2020, discusses a number of topics, from strategies to deal with limitations during the pandemic to creative teaching using 21st-century teaching methods.

“On the commemoration of National Teacher’s Day in the midst of this pandemic, we are providing free online training and a series of webinars with the hope that teachers can continue to be enthusiastic about being great teachers for the future of the nation’s children,” said Ruangguru Founder and President Director, Belva Devara in a statement. officially received, Wednesday (11/25/2020).

Training and Webinars to Facilitate Teachers

According to Belva, the Ruangguru training and webinars were held to facilitate teachers in facing challenges and difficulties during Distance Learning (PJJ). So, in addition to building character and achieving academic goals, teachers can also develop students’ competencies during PJJ.

Moreover, based on Ruangguru’s internal survey, teachers still need to improve their skills to implement PJJ. There are several challenges faced by teachers, such as methods of adjusting material, PJJ platforms that are suitable for students, time management, to communicating virtually.

The training and webinars were also welcomed by the teachers who attended them and many felt they were helped. One of them is Christina Wahyu, a teacher at SDN 10 Toho, Mempawah Regency, West Kalimantan.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to take part in the Ruangguru training and webinars because I learned a lot about how to apply the digital teaching and learning process during this pandemic,” said Christina.

Appointed Nicholas Saputra as Ruangguru Learning Ambassador

The rapid development of technology as it is today has had a lot of influence in various aspects of life, including education. As a sector that makes a major contribution to the progress of the nation, of course, the world of education must go hand in hand with current technology.

Actor and activist Nicholas Saputra said that with the vast area and large population of Indonesia, technology can play an important role in the world of education in the country.

“I think technology actually has a role to accelerate the dissemination of information, accuracy, and also provide strength, especially in good education, wider access to education and also of good quality. So, I think technology now can be the key we can use for the advancement of education in Indonesia,” he said at the Ruangguru Learning Ambassador Online Press Conference, Thursday (12/11/2020).

Also trusted as Ruangguru Learning Ambassador, Nico revealed that being in an era with very high technological acceleration makes education not to be left behind. The presence of Ruangguru is something that can be very far-reaching because it not only provides access to students but also to teachers.

Present on the same occasion, Belva Devara, Founder and President Director of Ruangguru also revealed that from the beginning Ruangguru was built because he saw that there were still many things that needed to be addressed and it turned out that technology could be one of the keys to achieving an even and quality education.

Regarding the appointment of Nicholas Saputra as Ruangguru Learning Ambassador, Belva revealed that it was not without reason. He said that Nico can be an inspirational figure and also a good role model for many young generations.

As a Ruangguru Learning Ambassador, later Nicholas Saputra will be involved in various community social activities with Ruangguru, encouraging public awareness and participation in supporting the achievement of better access to quality education in Indonesia.