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Ruangguru Free Online Schools to Support Students and Teachers

Ruangguru, Free Online Schools to Support Students and Teachers

Ruangguru re-opened Ruangguru Online School for free through its application. This is a form and effort of Ruangguru in responding to the high need for distance learning facilities (PJJ) during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Previously, since March 2020 when learning activities from home were implemented due to Covid-19, Ruangguru has launched the free Ruangguru Online School.

Ruangguru Free Online Schools to Support Students and Teachers

In the past school year, the Ruangguru Online School received a positive response with more than 5,000,000 students using it. More than 100,000 teachers have also participated in free online teacher training provided on the Ruangguru app.

The enthusiasm of the teachers and students to continue learning inspires us to re-open the Ruangguru Free Online School, “explained Ruangguru’s founder and Chief Director, Belva Devara, as quoted from his official statement on Monday (3/8/2020).

Ruangguru Online School 2 for Free

Through the Ruangguru 2 Online School program, students can take part in online distance learning (live teaching) every Monday to Friday, just like school as usual on the Ruangguru application.

Starting on Monday, August 3, 2020, students can take part in Ruangguru 2 Online School learning which is divided into two sessions every day starting at 13.00 WIB.

Ruangguru Free Online Schools to Support Students and Teachers

There will be 15 learning channels available covering all subjects according to the national curriculum, starting from grade 1 elementary school to grade 12 high school (science and social studies), which are guided by Ruangguru Master Teachers.

Until the end of the free Ruangguru Online School program last June, Ruangguru Online School was said to be one of the main learning alternatives for Indonesian students.

Based on a survey conducted by Ruangguru, student satisfaction levels reached 9.3 / 10, and 9 out of 10 students also stated that Ruangguru Online School was very helpful for them to understand the concept of learning and support learning in school.

Students can enjoy a variety of other services and products from Ruangguru at Ruangguru Online School 2. Students can use classroom features to carry out teaching and learning activities directly with the teacher, just like in the classroom through an integrated online feature.

There is also Ruangguru Champion, an intelligence competition between schools for elementary, junior high, and high school levels. In order to increase student enthusiasm for learning, Ruangguru also provides attractive weekly prizes and various entertainment shows with favorite Master Teachers every day.

Meanwhile, Ruangguru will Donate all Income from the Kartu Prakerja Program to Tackle the Pandemic

The Ruangguru education startup will contribute the entire Skill Academy income from the Pre-Kartu Prakerja program for handling corona pandemics. The company bears all costs incurred while serving as a government partner in connection with the training program.

Skill Academy applies a 0% commission policy to all partners of the training institute from the start of the Kartu Prakerja program. During the first to third waves, there were 310,970 participants who took advantage of Ruangguru’s training class.

Ruangguru Free Online Schools to Support Students and Teachers

Even so, the company decided to bear all costs in support of the Kartu Prakerja program. Such costs include the production of training classes, instructor allowances, digital infrastructure development, and others.

“We decided to donate the entire Skill Academy income as an official digital platform partner in the Pre-Kartu Prakerja program, from the beginning to the present, to the country,” Ruangguru’s Founder and Chief Director Belva Devara was quoted as saying in a press release on Tuesday (4/8).

Until now, Ruangguru has not billed any payment to the government related to the Kartu Prakerja program. Because there needs to be a transaction reconciliation process with the Project Management Office (PMO) first.

After payment has been received and deducted related to taxes, all Skill Academy revenues from the Kartu Prakerja program will be donated to the state for handling the Covid-19 pandemic. Donations are made through the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB). “We have sent an official letter to BNPB explaining our good intentions,” said Belva.