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Evaluated Ruangguru before Opening Phase 4 of Kartu Prakerja Program

Evaluated Ruangguru before Opening Phase 4 of Kartu Prakerja Program

The Management of the Kartu Prakerja will evaluate the implementation of the program in Tokopedia, Ruangguru to Bukalapak. Only then did management open the fourth wave of registration. Registration for the fourth stage of the Kartu Prakerja program is expected to open at the end of this month.

The total quota is 500 thousand participants, an increase compared to the previous program of 300 thousand people. Before reopening, management followed up on a number of recommendations from each ministry and agency (K / L) related to the program.

Evaluated Ruangguru before Opening Phase 4 of Kartu Prakerja Program

“We are also evaluating eight platforms that are partners,” said Hengki Sihombing’s Program Workers Program Director while attending the Katadata Virtual Series Forum titled ‘Digital Disruption of Public Services’, Tuesday (7/14).

One of the eight partners includes Skill Academy by Ruangguru and several other edutech startups. In addition, implementing management will evaluate other training institutions. Things that are evaluated, for example, the most purchased training packages.

Then, the impact felt by the participants after attending the training. So far, management noted that there were many participants who had left the balance obtained by the government through the Kartu Prakerja program.

Ruangguru will Improve the System after the Evaluation Process

Management promised to improve the system based on the results of the evaluation. It aims to increase the training benefits for participants. In addition, the management will try to directly channel incentives in the form of cash IDR 600 thousand to the beneficiaries. Because there are participants who have not received incentives.

However, there are several procedures that must be followed to get these incentives. One of them is giving a review and rating of the training that has been followed. “For example, ranked fourth. Then give a review such as an infrastructure or other,” said Executive Director of the Managing Executive of Denni Puspa Purbasari.

Evaluated Ruangguru before Opening Phase 4 of Kartu Prakerja Program

At present, management has disbursed the Kartu Prakerja incentives to 476 thousand out of a total of 680 thousand participants. Delivery of incentives is done every day to participants who have completed the requirements. While being evaluated, the bundling class cannot be accessed through the Kartu Prakerja payment method

“We are always ready to follow the regulations of the PMO, including the latest changes that were enacted through a circular on 30 June 2020,” Iman said on Thursday (03/07/2020).

Imran said bundling classes were provided for users to simplify the online training selection process. From a series of surveys conducted by the company with users, many claim to be confused about choosing the appropriate class.

At present, the bundling class at Skill Academy is no longer accessible via the Prepaid Card payment method. However, the service is still available for users of the platform with other payment methods such as bank transfers, ATMs, credit cards, e-money, and others.

The Termination of the Bundling Package Aims to Free-up People’s Choices

Managing Director of Communications Management Panji Winanteya Ruky explained that the Kartu Prakerja training program has thousands of varied training types, and the stopped bundling package is only a small part of all the training offered so that trainees still have the freedom to choose the type of training according to their interests and needs.

Evaluated Ruangguru before Opening Phase 4 of Kartu Prakerja Program

“Termination of the [bundling] training package has no impact on the overall Kartu Prakerja program. The Kartu Prakerja Program continues to run according to the direction of the Working Copyright Committee,” said Panji in an official statement, Thursday (2/7/2020).

He added that the termination of the bundling package was only effective from June 30 and did not apply retroactively, so that the incentives of participants who had previously taken the bundling training package would continue as usual.