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4 Networking Coworking Space Jakarta Tips for You

4 Networking Coworking Space Jakarta Tips for You

One of the benefits of using the coworking space Jakarta is to create new networking. Building networking is one of the things needed to be able to add to the latest information and experience that a person has experienced in building his business. 

Then, how to build the right networking in the Coworking Space environment? Coworking space began to boom in Indonesia in the 2014 period. At that time, in Jakarta and Bali, several co-working spaces emerged in a very comfortable environment. It could gather various kinds of people for one purpose.

4 Networking Coworking Space Jakarta Tips for You

It is usually called with developing a business or working. Now the number of coworking spaces has reached tens or even hundreds if combined across Indonesia. With this abundant coworking amount, of course, you have to take advantage of it.

Tips for Networking in Coworking Space Jakarta

However, creating great networking in a coworking space is not easy. It is maybe easy to start it, but if you do the wrong thing, it can be a total mess. It will be not profitable at all. That is why; you need to know several right tips for it.

1. Talking About Business Experience

The first thing you should see when you are in coworking space is to understand that everyone in there is a businessman. They certainly know the opportunity to work together is huge. However, you do not need to rush. It is later can have bad effects. 

You have to be friends first for all people in that place. Try to understand how other people run their businesses. Then, make sure to know what experiences you can share. Before entering into the core business, which is working together, you better establish communication first. 

Prospecting too fast will make the process of networking fail. The point is, it would be a little strange if you suddenly told other people about your business experience. Start with simple communication first. An example is talking about a hobby, the latest news, and so on.

Usually, there will be moments where you can share experiences. When this moment comes, then you can tell the business experiences. Another person can also tell their experience. Sometimes, maybe you and that person can make a profitable deal.

4 Networking Coworking Space Jakarta Tips for You

2. Offer as needed 

The next thing you can do is offer as needed. It is not recommended to offering about your business too often. It will make other people feel bored and uncomfortable. In coworking space, you will see dozens of workers with a million problems. 

The examples are the lack of programmers, web designers, or even marketing. From there you must understand what they really lack. It is like a great opportunity that you can grab. Then you can offer the solutions according to what they need so far. 

Of course, you have to make sure that your business can cover all these shortcomings. For example, if a startup requires a designer, you can offer these services with different rewards. The rewards are not always money. You can offer different things.

 Vice versa, you may also have some problems related to your business. Offer your needs, such as marketing or other things according to their level of ability. It means the cooperation that happens is not always measured by money. Sharing services is also great.

3. Share your experience

The points above are very important in a coworking space. In a coworking space, you will find a company with a myriad of experiences that are immeasurable. Vice versa, when you are in a coworking space, the same thing can also occur.

You certainly bring millions of experiences that maybe not many people know. From there you can share experiences and dig deep about the business world. For information, in a coworking space, the problems you face may also have been experienced by other business people. 

Vice versa, you may have experienced the things which are not experienced by others. So, networking in coworking space is the main thing. It can help you to develop the business better. It can also solve the problems related to your business.

Do you have to share your experience only with companies that work in the same field of the business? No, it is not. There is nothing wrong with trying to find out about other fields of business. Who knows, the next time the business will actually be useful for you.

You can get a broad reference for running a business. The business may differ from yours, but somehow you can learn about the strategy used by other businessmen. The example is how they avoid the crisis and always get a profit every month.

4 Networking Coworking Space Jakarta Tips for You

4. Show your passion

The last thing that can be done is showing how much passion you have. When you have a business, all things that need to do are carrying out a massive promotion of your product. That way will make other people understand that you do have a strong passion.

Then, what is the effect of doing this thing? You will be a very interesting and memorable conversation partner. Maybe the person you’re talking to doesn’t need cooperation for now. However, there is a chance that the cooperation will happen in the future.

Please note to always be yourself. Never try to be someone else. In addition, you also have to multiply references about how to attract the other person. It will be very effective to make your business grow rapidly from time to time.

One important benefit of coworking space is networking. Imagine you are in the midst of people with the same passion, different experiences, and of course, they all have a very large chance of cooperation. Actually, it is a golden moment that you can use to develop a business.It becomes one of the reasons why nowadays people are more interested to work in a coworking space. It is more affordable. In addition, most of them are also comfortable. The best coworking space Jakarta can be the best place to create profitable networking.

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