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Ruangguru Launches RuangKelas to Help Teacher and Students

Ruangguru Launches RuangKelas to Help Teacher and Students

Ruangguru has just launched a free class room service called RuangKelas aimed at teachers and students throughout Indonesia. This service is here to welcome the new school year which is still being done in distance learning because there is still a pandemic.

Through RuangKelas, teaching, and learning activities that are usually done face-to-face in the classroom can be done online without incurring costs. Through this service, teachers can provide learning material, discuss with students, and assess student learning outcomes.

Ruangguru Launches RuangKelas to Help Teacher and Students

According to Ruangguru’s Founder and Chief Director, Belva Davara, RuangKelas is a system of managing distance learning to help teachers and students ensure that the course of learning continues to be carried out easily, effectively and efficiently.

RuangKelas is a Solution to Ease Online Teaching and Learning Process

This Ruangkelas service, Belva said, reflected in the teaching and learning activities during the implementation of the Large-Scale Social Restrictions. From there, many difficulties are found, ranging from information for students and teachers who have difficulty creating teaching and learning activities like face to face.

Belva said, students also find it difficult to collect information they receive with the existence of different communication media. With this feature, students can participate in the teaching and learning process in one platform.

“Departing from these conditions, we present RuangKelas for free which we hope can facilitate teachers in managing distance learning activities, and students can also follow a well-defined learning plan,” said Belva.

This series of RuangKelas services can be used by teachers and students by registering their organization or school for free through the official website of Ruangguru. After that, teachers can immediately take advantage of the various facilities available.

“We hope, with the availability of free RuangKelas, it can help 4 million teachers and tens of millions of students in more than 450,000 schools throughout Indonesia to continue learning effectively,” said Iman Usman, Ruangguru Founder and Director of Products & Cooperation.

Existing features in Ruangkelas

To find out what features are available in the RuangKelas by Ruangguru, here is the complete list:

1. Classroom

Through this feature, teachers can create classes according to their needs, ranging from determining the duration of work on assignments and study materials, inviting students and other teachers to become class members, including using group chat facilities.

Also through this chat group, teachers and students can discuss material and assignments. They can also attach photos or files related to learning topics.

2. Tugas (Tasks)

With the Assignments feature, teachers can provide multiple choice questions and essays exercises for students. Teachers can also use self-made material and utilize material from the question bank from the Ruangguru learning application.

Ruangguru Launches RuangKelas to Help Teacher and Students

3. Materi Belajar (Learning materials)

As the name implies, this feature allows teachers to provide learning material for students. The material can be in the form of learning videos or learning summaries, including materials made by the teacher.

Ruangguru Launches Facility to Simplify Student and Teacher Interaction

Previously, Ruangguru has also launched a new facility called Brain Academy Online. Through this facility, students and teachers can interact directly through live teaching methods and online discussions.

According to Ritchie Goenawan, Ruangguru’s Vice President of Business & Operations, this service strives to be a solution to improve the online teaching and learning process. Moreover, this facility was also developed based on input from parents of students.

Ruangguru Launches RuangKelas to Help Teacher and Students

“We hope Brain Academy Online can be a solution for parents and students, by presenting facilities that facilitate access for children to communicate, interact, and get guidance directly from the teacher,” said Ritchie in an official statement from Ruangguru, Friday (07/03/2020).

Therefore, Ritchie said through Brain Academy Online, students can communicate directly and learn with Star Master Teachers, the instructors from the best State Universities (PTN) in Indonesia.