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Ruangguru Launches Facility to Simplify Students and Teachers Interaction

Ruangguru Launches Facility to Simplify Student and Teacher Interaction

Last three months, teaching and learning activities carried out from home (school from home) to avoid the spread of Covid-19. There are many obstacles faced by students and teachers during distance learning (PJJ).

One of them is the lack of interaction between teachers and students due to various technical issues. This situation makes teaching and learning activities less effective because students do not understand the material being taught.

Ruangguru Launches Facility to Simplify Student and Teacher Interaction

To overcome this, Ruangguru has just launched a new facility called Brain Academy Online. Through this facility, students and teachers can interact directly through live teaching methods and online discussions.

According to Ruangguru’s Vice President of Business & Operations Ritchie Goenawan, Brain Academy Online strives to be a solution to improve students’ learning processes. Moreover, this facility was also developed based on input from parents of students.

“We hope Brain Academy Online can be a solution for parents and students, by presenting facilities that facilitate access for children to communicate, interact, and get guidance directly from the teacher,” said Ritchie in an official statement from Ruangguru, Friday (07/03/2020).

Therefore, Ritchie said through Brain Academy Online, students can communicate directly and learn with Star Master Teachers, the instructors from the best State Universities (PTN) in Indonesia.

Provides 4 Facilities to Support Students and Teachers

Not only that, but this program also has several facilities that can be utilized by students. The following is a complete list that students can use from this service in Ruangguru:

1. Intensive PR Clinic

As the name implies, through this facility, students individually can schedule one-week consultation sessions in the form of online discussions to discuss homework and exam preparation questions through the Zoom application.

2. Interactive Live Teaching Classes

Through this facility, students will conduct webinars with other class participants. This session will discuss SNMPTN exam materials and school subjects through the live teaching method via Zoom.

This service will also allow students to be in situations such as webinars, with other class participants, where the Star Master Teacher discusses the selection material for state tertiary entrance examinations and school subjects such as Mathematics, Economics, Physics, Chemistry, English and others, with the live teaching method through the Zoom application.

Ruangguru Launches Facility to Simplify Student and Teacher Interaction

3. Direct Educational Consultation

Students can also schedule counseling sessions at any time in the form of online discussions, related learning strategies, selection of majors, and other supporting topics with Master Teacher Teacher Guardians and Brain Academy education counselors.

4. Learning Support Motivative Classes

There are also webinar activities for students to hone skills and soft skills. Some of the material that will be given within 120 minutes is public speaking and creating creative content.

Valid every Monday to Friday for One Full Year

The entire set of Brain Academy Online facilities is valid every day from Monday to Friday for one school year with a learning schedule that is adjusted based on class levels. Elementary students will get a study schedule in the afternoon, while middle and high school students will get an afternoon study schedule going to evening.

Students who become Brain Academy Online users will get access to a question bank, hundreds of thousands of learning videos, infographics, summaries, and quizzes in the learning space feature in the Ruangguru app for free.

Ruangguru Launches Facility to Simplify Student and Teacher Interaction

“Furthermore, we hope that many students and families can experience the benefits of Brain Academy Online as an alternative to learning at home that is easy, effective, and certainly very affordable,” said Ritchie.

Brain Academy Online, which opened on July 1, 2020, is offered with a wide selection of annual package prices ranging from IDR 2.3 million per year to IDR 3.9 million per year, valid until the end of July 2020.