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Zipmex Invites Young People to Invest in Crypto Assets

Zipmex Invites Young People to Invest in Crypto Assets

One of them is Zipmex, a trading application that has recently entered the crypto trading market in Indonesia.

Cryptocurrency investment is currently popular among young people in Indonesia. Various applications for crypto trading service providers are also emerging.

Zipmex Indonesia CEO & Co-Founder, Raymond Sutanto, said that the crypto trading market in Indonesia is one of the most attractive. The reason is that young people are more interested in investing in crypto assets than investing in stocks.

“The most important thing is that we can choose which crypto assets, right now there are many,” he told Tekno Liputan6.com, Thursday (1/7/2021).

Zipmex Invites Young People to Invest in Crypto Assets

Raymond considered, typical of young people in Indonesia who invest in crypto are those who like challenges. This means that many young people have been paying attention to investment from a young age.

For information, Zipmex’s operational area coverage is in Thailand, Australia, and Singapore, so the company is optimistic about looking at the crypto market in Indonesia.

Zipmex Platform Security

Seeing that potential, said Raymond, it needs to be balanced with a safe investment platform. Many trading applications are registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency (CoFTRA), but many more applications are not licensed.

“We can guarantee security on the Zipmex platform, with high liquidity, high prices, and good security, we follow all CoFTRA and ISO protocols,” he said.

In terms of security, Raymond said Zipmex is the only platform that provides insurance for wallets and crypto-assets.

“For example, if there is a hack or whatever is an obstacle, the user’s assets are still safe because they are insured,” he added.

Zipmex Invites Young People to Invest in Crypto Assets

Zipmex also chooses which crypto assets are safe to provide on its platform, referring to development data from year to year.

“We’ll check how the trend has been for the past few years and how many years it can last. Many exchange [providers] are not curated, so they close the opportunity,” he said.

To date, Zipmex has provided dozens of crypto assets in its services, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, to the recently added Dogecoin.

Crypto Trader Community

As a support for the crypto investment ecosystem, Zipmex also provides a community space to share information related to crypto investment and others. The community with the name Zipmex Troops can be followed through the Telegram application.

“Many of the members and the team from Zipmex can provide a guideline. Yes, studying there, looking for new knowledge, can invest, “he said.

For his efforts, he invites young people to start investing in cryptocurrencies. “So just put it in a little bit, let’s say from coffee money, you can start and while learning,” he said.

He advises novice traders to start investing in stable cryptocurrency assets first. For example, in Bitcoin, before venturing deeper into other assets such as the more volatile Dogecoin which is currently popular.

“Try to start with Bitcoin, while learning what blockchain is again, when you understand that you just start investing in other cryptocurrencies,” he said.

It’s not unfounded, Raymond sees the phenomenon of novice traders who are easily influenced by content on YouTube about crypto trading. As a precaution, traders need to deepen their knowledge about trading.

Zipmex Invites Young People to Invest in Crypto Assets

“Before we try something more adventurous, we first build our foundation, first understand what Bitcoin is, how to calculate it,” he said.

Security is Important

Raymond said, there are many applications for crypto investment service providers that can be used. In addition, more and more assets are also listed for novice traders to buy.

Make sure the crypto trading provider company is registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency (CoFTRA).

Raymond said, there are about dozens of companies that have been registered. Thus, there are many choices of applications that can guarantee the safety of novice traders.

Security is an important aspect in starting trading, it is possible for fake crypto trading platforms to actually sell crypto assets, but they are worried that the user’s security is not maintained.