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Ruangguru Wins a Global Prestigious Award


The largest tutoring application in Indonesia Ruangguru won the prestigious ITU Global Industry Awards 2019 award in Budapest, Hungary.

This local startup won in the Digital Inclusion & Principles category at the ITU Telecom World 2019 international forum.

Ruangguru’s innovation in this regard is its success in encouraging the accessibility of quality education in Indonesia.

In addition to providing quality content, Ruangguru is considered successful in reducing average data capacity consumption by as much as 80 percent for each video (there are now thousands of learning videos).

Ruangguru Wins a Global Prestigious Award
Ruangguru Wins a Global Prestigious Award

That way, application users in areas with low internet connectivity can still access the Ruangguru application.

VP Ruangguru Ritchie Goenawan said the work of the Ruangguru technology team enabled the company to prove full support for equalizing access, especially for all students in remote areas.

“This is a tangible form of our support regarding the development of quality education human resources, decent work, and economic growth, as well as reducing social inequalities,” said Ritchi.

Separately, Ruangguru’s Founder and Chief Product Officer Iman Usman said, this was the first time that an Indonesian company had been the sole recipient of an award at the ITU Global Industry Award.

“It’s rare for a startup to win an award in a category for large companies like this. Last year in another category, similar companies were received by Huawei from China and KT Corporation from Korea,” Iman said.

In a series of ITU Telecom World 2019 events, Ruangguru also gave a presentation before a forum related to Ruangguru’s rapid growth in the Indonesian pavilion from Bakti Kemkominfo.

Ruangguru Wins a Global Prestigious Award
Ruangguru Wins a Global Prestigious Award

Just for information, ITU is an institution under the UN that specifically handles the world communication and information industry.

ITU Telecom World 2019 is a series of seminars, presentations, exhibitions, and awards for stakeholders in the world communication and information technology industry.

This forum brings together government institutions, policymakers, investors, and corporations and small and medium-sized businesses in technology in a global scope.