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Top Reasons Why Office Design Concept and Décor Matters

Top Reasons Why Office Design Concept and Décor Matters

A good office design concept has become a notable part of any business. Nowadays, more and more business leaders start to realize the benefits of having a well-designed office. By providing a good workspace for the employees, we can expect them to work happily and more productively.

There’s no doubt that unhappy employees cost immense operating loses every year. According to a report, it costs between $450 and $550 due to lost productivity. Bad office design can lead to some health issues as well. Let’s say a bad chair and desk choice, it can result in backache and others.

Many workers say that their workspace design and décor doesn’t have a personality. Thus, they don’t want to show their office to friends and family members. The uncomfortable lighting fixture can reduce productivity as well. For this reason, optimizing an office design concept, layout, and décor becomes a significant thing to do.

Fortunately, there have been a lot of well-designed offices and workspaces out there that can make a great example. From creating open-plan space to adding fun common space, there are many ways to make your office even more functional, productive, and beautiful. Read on to learn further about this issue.

office design concept business
office design concept business

3 Reasons Why Office Design and Décor Matters

If you haven’t convinced yet, there are some other reasons why office design and décor matters. Nowadays, investing in great office design is important to accomplish success in business. Good office design can impress clients. More importantly, it is also beneficial for your employees and overall business performance.

  • Maximize productivity

A good office design concept can maximize productivity. Ergonomic decisions like ambient sound, lighting, desk and seating choices are sometimes overlooked. But, they make a difference. A little change in these details can make your employees more physically comfortable. It will reduce distraction and improve focus.

office design concept business
office design concept business
  • Create a culture and improve morale

Well-designed workspace design has the power to increase company culture and morale too. Even a simple dedicated lunch space can make a major impact. It can encourage your employees to move away from their desks. Then, they can unwind and refresh their creativity. It can improve employee bonds too.

  • Increase efficiency and reduce waste

What makes an average office different from a good one is organization. Before executing a particular office design concept, use floor outline to help visualize the company’s departmental structure. Consider grouping the employees based on the team even though you opt for an open-space design.

office design concept business
office design concept business

Modern Office Design That Attracts the Best Employees

As you can see, there are many good reasons to create a well-designed office. To create a modern office design, there are some trends and concepts available. Top companies including Google are employing these interior design concepts to attract the best employees. Thus, you can consider these tips when redesigning your next office.

  • Create a home-like atmosphere

Creating a workplace design which resembles a home has become a big trend these days. From vibrant and comfortable couches to swings to lounge areas to ping-pong tables, the main office design concept here is to make the workspace as stress-free and relaxing as possible.

The primary idea is to offer areas where employees can take a short break. This way, they can rest their bodies and minds before continuing their works. The comfy sofas and lounges can be used for productivity as well. For instance, the employees can work with their laptop while sitting there.

  • Add glass walls and doors

This is another trendy office element nowadays. Glass walls and doors allow your office interior to have ample natural light. This is considered to be healthier than artificial light. Moreover, it also promotes more transparency in the workspace. It can encourage better teams in the process.

Asian Interior Office Design Inspirations

If you want to have an Asian-inspired office design concept, there are some good workspaces to take a look. Uber Singapore has one of the best workplaces in Asia. It has an office area which consists of several workspaces with writable walls. Here are some other examples.

office design concept business
office design concept business
  • Piramal Mumbai

Piramal has a new office in Mumbai that radiates a nurturing, cozy mood. This office is believed to showcase the company values of “action, care, knowledge, and impact.” This office incorporates green elements and natural materials to promote well-being, productivity, and creativity. There’s no more traditional cubicle space here.

  • Eaton Club Hongkong

This fintech hub and social work club has a unique co-working space. The members of Eaton Club can work and network while enjoying a private lounge. This hybrid office design concept makes it possible to turn a work area into an event room. Carpet-lined floors make space feel wider.

office design concept business
office design concept business
  • Microsoft Taipei

Microsoft’s office in Taiwan incorporates some cultural references to the design. For instance, you can find wall paintings and flashy sings which resemble Taiwan’s night markets. The office combines formal and casual space to give the employees the best of both worlds. The communal spaces also create a homely atmosphere.

office design concept business
office design concept business

Other Office Design Inspirations Around the World

There are some other great examples available around the world. When Google seems to be a trendsetter in creating a vibrant office design, some other companies have their unique way to execute their office design concept. Lego headquarters in Denmark makes a good example with its common spaces which are transformed into a play area.

Then, White Mountain Office in Sweden also has a breathtaking workspace design. The office is designed to resemble a space station. The conference room is crafted to look like the surface of the moon. You can even find many artificial waterfalls and adequate greenery incorporated into the entire office space.

In conclusion, a well-designed office can be beneficial for both your employees and business. By keeping the employees happy and comfortable, they can do better at work. You can take an example of some of the best office designs out there to get inspired. Thus, make sure to make a careful office design concept.

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