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Modern Office Design Ideas That You Shouldn’t Miss

Modern Office Design Ideas That You Shouldn’t Miss

More and more people recognize the benefits of concepts and trends in modern office design. Many leading companies around the world have changed their traditional offices to something fresh and modern. This is because a well-designed modern office can promote success in business and recruitment process.

Nowadays, salary and financial compensation aren’t the only factors driving employees to a workspace. If you want to attract the most talented employees to your company or need to diminish your employee turnover rate, make a better workplace for them! This is because the best employees demand excellent workspace.

Aside from employee preference, your office design is crucial for another reason. It directly impacts employee productivity that directly influences the company’s bottom line. You need to apply a modern office design that allows people to concentrate and focus. As a result, they can perform at their best.

Then, how can you do to design a modern office that is beneficial for every part of the business? Luckily, we have arranged a list of the most important ideas and design concepts to make the most of your office. Without further ado, let’s check them out!

office design companies
office design companies

Activity-Based Office Design

Todays corporate tend to use an office design plan named “Activity-Based Working”. It means that employee can work anywhere around the office. For instance, when employees have to do something that calls for a high level of focus and concentration, they can use a quiet area. Here are the other ideas.

  • Open office areas

Open space has become a popular modern office design. Long workbenches are usually used instead of cubicles. Each employee will have their individual area on the workbenches. This idea is appropriate for collaborative work activities. It is popular among those working in marketing and sales.

  • Privacy areas

You still need a private area where a small, enclosed, sound-proof room is there. This space can be used to hold a discreet meeting between employees or to receive a private call. This area allows your employees to have their privacy kept despite working in an open office area.

  • Lounge and café areas

You need to include a lounge and café area where cozy seating is arranged. You can use couches, sofas, pod seats, and coffee tables here. In modern office design, you are typically encouraged to add a café area as well. This is where employees can have lunch or snacks.

office design companies
office design companies

Flexible Office Design

This is another trendy office concept available out there. Flexible workspaces feature tables, chairs, and desks which can be easily movable. It becomes an alternative to the traditional office plan where everything is fixed and static. For example, a table can be resized easily by assembling or disassembling modular components.

These modular elements can be effortlessly moved since they are on wheels. It will allow the lively formation of new teams and increases collaboration between employees. Several flexible workspaces in modern office design also feature undesignated seating arrangements. So, each employee can choose where they want to work.

Unassigned seating is considered to improve collaboration between employees because today’s projects are getting more free-flowing and dynamic. It is also believed to enhance overall job performance since employees can work where they can focus and concentrate the best. They can easily move to another spot when requiring something new.

Google Garage is probably one of the most extreme samples of a flexible workplace. It is a workspace area where every employee can do brainstorming for new product ideas. Here, all the desks, tables, chairs, and whiteboards are on wheels. You can even write on the walls and tables.

office design companies
office design companies

Nature-Inspired Office Design

One of the most powerful modern office design trends is reconnecting people with nature. This design is depending on the belief that humans have an inherent necessity to unite with nature. When it happens, it can result in better health, creativity, work performance, and concentration.

This interior design is considered to increase both psychological and physical health. It can reduce stress and improve mood as well. There are some simple ways to bring nature into your workplace. You can start by adding natural light through wide glass windows, glass walls, glass doors, and even glass ceilings.

Moreover, you can also incorporate flowing water like fountains and mini waterfalls. They can be included anywhere you like, but common areas and lobbies are among the best spots to introduce water features. Adding plants is another easy way to go for nature-inspired modern office design. They can adorn your space while purifying the air.

Besides, take advantage of nature views through bigger and wider windows. Or hang pictures and paintings of nature. Display them throughout the workspace alongside indoor gardens to overflowing your building with natural charms. In the end, you can also incorporate natural materials on the floors, ceilings, and other surfaces.

office design companies
office design companies

Ergonomic Office Design

Sitting at your desk for too long can promote negative effects on your health. To deal with this problem, modern office workspaces are typically incorporating new technologies like ergonomic chairs and height-adjustable desks. Ergonomic chairs are among the must-have items in a modern office nowadays.

Some modern office design ideas also incorporate height adjustable desks to meet the employees’ need. This furniture also allows employees to work while sitting or standing. Furthermore, there are also exercise ball chairs. These are big plastic balls inflated with air. Sitting on the ball encourages you to exercise the muscles in your body.

Even though some of this ergonomic furniture is not for everyone, it still can be a nice addition to your office. Aside from the health benefits, sit/stand technique and exercise ball chair can also stimulate thinking, concentration, and creativity in some people. And they are becoming more famous in workspace nowadays.

In conclusion, today’s office interior design concepts and trends are all about improving creativity, collaboration, health, and productivity. To make the most of your business, deciding on the right design and décor is a must. You can use one or two of these modern office design ideas to maximize your workspace.