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Samsung Galaxy A80 Comes with New Camera Tech

Samsung Galaxy A80 Comes with New Camera Tech

The rise of cellphone technology has continued to emerge. Samsung Galaxy A80 is one of the gadgets that have shown its innovation. Not only with the sophistication of technology and the form offered, the price tag also tempts consumers.

In terms of the appearance of the Galaxy A80 in normal conditions the size is not much different from the Galaxy A70, it just feels a little heavier. Besides the 6.7 inch screen of the Galaxy A80 appears full screen with AMOLED technology without any notch.

cellphone technology Samsung Galaxy A80 gadgets
cellphone technology Samsung Galaxy A80 gadgets

This cellphone body made of glass may look slightly flared when the rear camera appears forward. However, the parts that move on the rotation of the Galaxy A80 are quite sturdy. At the top of the Galaxy A80 there is also no speaker which usually produces sound when an incoming call.

The top speaker has now become one part in the cellphone body that will vibrate to produce sound. The most striking thing about the Galaxy A80 is its camera rotating technology. Let’s look at the details of how this Samsung Galaxy A80 surprises the world.

Unique Camera and Gaming Specs

When the camera application was first run the user could get three rear cameras with a size of 48 MP (f / 2.0), an 8 MP ultra wide angle camera (f / 2.2), and a 3D Depth camera ready to take pictures. Press the front camera button, then the back of the cellphone will appear.

The camera that was on the back rotates into the front camera. When the cellphone detects there are only a few obstacles when it comes to removing the front camera, the application will close automatically and return to the home screen as a safety function.

The Samsung Galaxy A80 camera itself is equipped with technology similar to that of the Galaxy S10, such as Scene Optimizer that can enrich images, Flaw Detection that can identify image defects, to Live Focus to produce more professional videos.

This phone does not have a microSD slot, but the internal memory of this phone is quite spacious with 128 GB space. It is also equipped with a 3,700 mAh battery with Super-Fast Charging 25W. Galaxy A80 relies on Snapdragon 730G processor and 8 GB RAM.

The Performance of Samsung Galaxy A80

This chipset has eight cores with 8 nm manufacturing. The specifications are the same as Snapdragon 730. The difference is this is a processor made specifically for gaming phones and its performance is 15% faster than its brother.

On paper, the combination offered by Samsung will deliver agile performance, including when playing games. But, further testing is still needed to assess how this phone actually performs. This includes the issue of battery life, the results of photos and videos.

Performance of the Galaxy A80 and Samsung A70 are both using chipsets from Qualcomm but with different series. The Samsung Galaxy A80 looks more hurried because it uses Snapdragron 730 with GPU Adreno 618, while the Samsung A70 relies on Snapdragron 675 with Adreno 612 graphics card.

cellphone technology Samsung Galaxy A80 gadgets
cellphone technology Samsung Galaxy A80 gadgets

The processors of both phones also adopt the octa-core concept. The Galaxy A80 is priced at $1000 for 128 GB space which relies on triple cameras, including a swivel camera. In the Galaxy A series, Samsung also has a flagship smartphone, the Galaxy A70, which is offered to consumers at a price of $600 for 128GB space, or cheaper $400 from the Galaxy A80.

Why This Gadget is Unique

What makes the Samsung Galaxy A80 unique is its front camera, which it lacks of. That is because the rear camera also works as front camera. This can be realized because the Galaxy A80 uses a rotating camera motor mechanism. The camera consists of a 48MP lens (wide), 8MP (ultra wide), and 3D TOF.

Samsung A70 has three rear cameras embedded with 32MP (main) configuration, 8MP (ultrawide), and 5MP (depth sensor). As for the selfie camera, it relies on a 32MP resolution located on its Infinity V nocth. Thus it can be said that the rear and front cameras of Samsung A70 have equivalent power.

cellphone technology Samsung Galaxy A80 gadgets
cellphone technology Samsung Galaxy A80 gadgets

Even so, thanks to the front camera’s pop-up motor technology that can rotate, the Galaxy A80 appears more modern and futuristic, different from other smartphone designs. Samsung takes a different approach in rejecting notch. This is like the Asus strategy on the ZenFone 6 which offers flip camera technology, similar to the Samsung Galaxy A80, but not rotating, but flipping.

Samsung A70 excels in this sector because it is equipped with a larger battery capacity of 4.500mAh, while the Galaxy A80 is only 3,700mAh. Both phones are also supported by the 25W Fast Charger feature via USB Type-C when charging.

Comparison with Galaxy A70

The embedded Samsung Galaxy A80 3.55 mm audio jack is one of the differences between A70 and A80 series. Although Samsung A70 supports it, but this phone for audio quality is not supported by Dolby Atmos Sound technology. The similarity is that both offer a 6.7-inch diagonal FHD + resolution with a screen aspect ratio of 20: 9 and Super AMOLED type.

The second screen of the device has also been protected by scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass. Both phones are running the Android 9.0 Pie operating system in a feature-rich One UI interface including a fingerprint sensor on the screen. The last equation, both the Galaxy A80 and Samsung A70 can already be purchased in Indonesia.

Galaxy A70 is marketed first in the country in March 2019. If you have more funds, the Galaxy A80 can be a priority because it offers a full screen sensation without being tarnished “bangs” thanks to the motor mechanism of the front camera that can rotate.

cellphone technology Samsung Galaxy A80 gadgets
cellphone technology Samsung Galaxy A80 gadgets

This phone is also more rushed because it uses a higher chipset series. The Samsung A70 is also worth buying because it offers high front and rear camera specifications and spacious internal storage. Samsung Galaxy A80, however, is suitable for photography activities for consumers who have tight funds but want a smartphone with a trendy design with a large battery.