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12 Startups Chosen for Endeavor ScaleUp Growth Program

12 Startups Chosen for Endeavor ScaleUp Growth Program

Endeavor Indonesia has just announced a list of the names of 12 selected startups that are included in the Endeavor ScaleUp Growth program.

Aiming to support founders and entrepreneurs who have passed the product-market fit phase to be able to scale-up past their next inflection point, Endeavor Indonesia held the “Endeavor Indonesia ScaleUp Growth Program” program.

The Endeavor ScaleUp Growth Program is a non-dilutive accelerator for the most promising and high-impact startups in Indonesia.

The 12 startups selected for the Endeavor ScaleUp Growth Program include Buttonscarves, Feelwell, Evermos, Flip, Meyer Food, Logisly, Otoklix, Sampingan, Pintek, SurveySensum,, Xurya, and SweetEscape.

12 Startups Chosen for Endeavor ScaleUp Growth Program

In this 3-month program, participants will gain access to the Endeavor network and business leaders in their respective fields of expertise to help participants develop their business personally or professionally.

Later, participants will also get 1-on-1 mentoring sessions tailored to Endeavor’s local/global network, in-depth panel discussions to get new input and insights, high impact feedback & new insights, access to investor networks.

Another thing that makes this Endeavor ScaleUp Growth Program different from the others, is the presence of a dedicated Endeavor Indonesia team.

Interestingly, these 12 Endeavor High-Impact Entrepreneurs will be paired with SGP1 participants as a form of peer-to-peer support during the program called Endeavor Buddies. This was quoted from his official statement, Thursday (1/7/2021).

The Figures Who Become Endeavor Buddies

Furthermore, the Endeavor Buddies are Aaron Tan (Carro), Vincent Iswaratioso (Dana), Adrian Gunadi (Investree), Kevin Osmond (Printerous) and Achmad Zaky (Init-6).

Others include Gibran Huzaifah (eFishery), Vikra Ijas (Kitabisa.com), Marshall Pribadi (PrivyID), Lingga Madu (Darutama), Kelvin Teo (Funding Societies), Rex Marindo (Foodizz.id), and Iwan Kurniawan.

“Endeavor’s mission is to unlock the transformational power of entrepreneurship by selecting, supporting, and investing in the world’s leading entrepreneurs and providing them with a pay-it-forward platform,” said Wayah Wiroto, Managing Director of Endeavor Indonesia.

Been Analyzing for the Last 8 Years

The Endeavor Indonesia team itself has conducted a thorough analysis of more than 1,000 entrepreneurs over the past 8 years, identified patterns of challenges that entrepreneurs always face in the scaling up stage, and provided ongoing support to companies in the scale up stage.

12 Startups Chosen for Endeavor ScaleUp Growth Program

“There are gaps and opportunities in the ecosystem. Support for companies that are in the acceleration/seed stage with a scale-up stage is not much, so that’s why this Endeavor ScaleUp Growth Program was created,” he said.

The Endeavor ScaleUp Growth Program is supported by Investree, Dana, and Baba Rafi Enterprise, led by Adrian Gunadi, Vincent Iswaratioso, and Hendy Setiono, respectively.

The three entrepreneurs have gone through the Endeavor selection process in different years and become Endeavor Entrepreneurs. The ScaleUp Growth Program itself is an addition to the existing Endeavor path.

A pro-bono consultation by the Boston Consulting Group Indonesia team is also provided as an optional extra that can be chosen, if SGP participants need a discussion partner for a particular idea/challenge.

DailySocial.id, an innovation and technology platform, is a media partner for the ScaleUp Growth Program.

Endeavor Indonesia has been Operated since 2012

Having been present since 2012, the Endeavor Indonesia program which focuses on selecting and assisting high-impact entrepreneurs has several plans and targets that will be launched this year.

12 Startups Chosen for Endeavor ScaleUp Growth Program

One of them is to help more regional entrepreneurs who until now still don’t get the opportunity, such as entrepreneurs who live in big cities.

So far, Endeavor Indonesia has helped influential entrepreneurs accelerate their business growth by introducing them to local and global industry experts who become their mentors.

Endeavor Indonesia also provides comprehensive access to markets, capital and talent. One of the influential entrepreneurs supported by Endeavor Indonesia is the CEO and Co-Founder of eFishery, Gibran Huzaifah.