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Supernewsroom.io: The Super PR App for Businesses Introduces Five New Features

Supernewsroom.io: The Super PR App for Businesses Introduces Five New Features

Within a week of Supernewsroom.io’s soft launch, 100 companies signed up to access the new and improved PR platform. The founders, public relations (PR) practitioner Manminder Kaur Dhillon and former broadcast journalist Puspavathy Ramaloo are dubbing it the Super PR Platform, with new features that aims to help anyone – be it a startup or a Fortune 500 company – to manage their entire PR campaign on a single platform.  

“The aim was to create an all-in-one public relations platform when we started off five years ago. Today, we have achieved that. We have stayed true to our tagline: ‘The easiest way to get publicity for your brand’ by making it credit based, instead of having users pay a subscription fee, a better UI/UX and some powerful new features. Supernewsroom.io is probably the first Super PR App in the world,” enthused Manminder who is also the CEO of Supernewsroom.

Supernewsroom.io: The Super PR App for Businesses Introduces Five New Features

Users can access the platform for free and get 10 credits valued at USD0.50 each (RM2) upon signing up. They can access the media database and send press releases to 30,000 journalists across eight countries, namely Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and others in the region. The pre-paid credits are deducted with every email sent from the platform and can be topped up anytime.

“It is designed for anyone – whether you are new to public relations or an experienced practitioner. On Supernewsroom.io, users can select the tags that are most relevant to their brand and/or press releases to get matched to the right publications or journalists. By using an in-built email blast, they can send out their content instantly. The best part is that now the users can hire experts directly on the platform by using the pre-paid credits,” she said.

A virtual PR consultant, professional writers and translators are some of the experts available on the platform according to Manminder. Users can ask for PR advice, get their press releases written and translated into local languages. 

Supernewsroom.io: The Super PR App for Businesses Introduces Five New Features

Manminder added that as more businesses are embracing digitalisation due to the COVID-19 pandemic and taking into account where today’s workforces are much leaner coupled with the challenges of working from home, a seamless collaborative platform such as Supernewsroom.io is a necessity.

“We understand the growing need for digitisation and team collaboration. Thus, the new and improved Supernewsroom.io will be one of the pieces in the puzzle a brand needs to achieve success in these challenging times. Companies can take advantage of the multiple user access in Supernewsroom.io, which makes it easier to collaborate on a PR campaign. Users can view each campaign – the targeted media list, create favourite media lists/folders for a certain topic or press release, and with the Google News integration, they can monitor the success of their PR campaigns.”

According to Manminder, partnerships with media agencies will also be the team’s top priority moving forward. Supernewsroom’s Guaranteed Media Coverage service has been gaining popularity with businesses. This is also owing to the establishment’s partnership with more than 60 media organisations for guaranteed placements across the region. 

Supernewsroom.io: The Super PR App for Businesses Introduces Five New Features

“The platform is also allowing media agencies to better monetise their sites. Media agencies are earning through content placements with us and this is strictly based on their editorial policies. Ultimately, we envision that Supernewsroom.io will be the marketplace for users to get access to professionals from the industry, be it PR consultants, content creators, and for content placements.”

Scaling up fast globally will be one of key focus areas according to Manminder, and to achieve that, Supernewsroom is ramping up its digital marketing efforts, among others. 

“There are many plans in the pipeline to scale up fast. Our aim is to have a strong foothold globally, especially in key markets such as Southeast Asia, Asia Pacific, and the US,” Manminder added.

For more information about Supernewsroom, please visit ww.supernewsroom.com. To access the platform, follow this link : www.supernewsroom.io