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Breadlife Acquisition, DailyBox F&B Startup Wants to Continue to Add Portfolio

Breadlife Acquisition, DailyBox F&B Startup Wants to Continue to Add Portfolio

One of the plans that DailyBox wants to launch later this year is to expand collaboration. After establishing strategic partnerships with celebrity chefs and the general public who have a passion in the culinary world, DailyBox has also officially acquired the Breadlife brand. DailyBox CEO Kelvin Subowo said, Breadlife is one of the leading bread brands in Indonesia.

“It has become a top-of-mind brand in the bakery category and has a high level of customer satisfaction. This can not be separated from the Breadlife management team, which is filled with experienced people in their fields and also has a product line-up that complements the products from DailyBox. “

After being acquired by DailyBox Group, Breadlife customers can order food through food delivery platforms, namely GoFood, GrabFood, ShopeeFoods, and TravelokaEats.

“Most of the Breadlife outlets are outside Java, while the DailyBox Group’s distribution points are concentrated on the island of Java. Next year we want to focus on development outside Java. This is in line with Dailybox Group’s mission to reach more locations throughout Indonesia,” said Kelvin.

Breadlife Acquisition, DailyBox F&B Startup Wants to Continue to Add Portfolio

4 Implementations Performed by DailyBox and Breadlife

There are 4 implementations related to DailyBox and Breadlife. The first is in terms of networking. Breadlife can use the DailyBox network that already exists in 120 points to expand its reach with minimal capital.

Instead, DailyBox can use the Breadlife network which is concentrated outside Java. Collaboration is also carried out to increase brand visibility.

In terms of resources, to increase product innovation assisted by the Dailybox Group chefs, Breadlife will present bakery products in a centralized manner.

“In the past, Breadlife breads were made from scratch at each outlet. Now the kneading and baking process is carried out in the Dailybox Group’s central kitchen to ensure the consistency of the taste and texture of the bread,” said Kelvin.

After acquiring Breadlife as the fourth brand in the portfolio (after Dailybox, Dailymeals, and Shirato), DailyBox’s plan for next year is to acquire a new brand to enrich the DailyboxGroup portfolio and add locations outside Java.

Breadlife Acquisition, DailyBox F&B Startup Wants to Continue to Add Portfolio

Focus on Profit

As a multi-brand online restaurant platform, DailyBox always strives to focus on achieving profit. Even though it had problems at the beginning of the 2020 pandemic, DailyBox was able to survive as an early adopter of cloud kitchens in Indonesia.

In a discussion on the DScussion session some time ago, Kelvin said, there are several reasons why DailyBox received Series A funding by two VCs, namely Vertex Ventures SEA and Kinesys Group.

“Even though we are present as a startup, our way of playing is very conservative, namely maintaining the bottom line and focusing on profit. Because the economics unit is clear for the culinary business. This mindset is then seen by investors to DailyBox, namely to always maintain a profitable level,” said Kelvin.

Miranda herself could not talk in more detail about the value of the acquisition. What is clear, he said, is now the Breadlife brand has officially become the property of Dailybox.

Dailybox’s acquisition of a bakery brand from Indonesia is not without reason. His party sees that the bread market share in Indonesia has continued to increase in recent years. So this industry has a large enough potential for growth.

“In addition, there was a request from DailyPeople for the Dailybox Group to present a bread variant to complement the rice and side dishes that we now offer,” he said.

Miranda said, based on Dailybox data, currently the consumption of wheat per capita for bread in Indonesia reaches 4.7 kg per year. 

After the acquisition of the Breadlife brand by Dailybox, customers can place orders for Breadlife products via an online food delivery platform. Whereas previously, customers could only buy products by visiting Breadlife outlets located in malls and stand-alone outlets.

Miranda added that now Breadlife products have been produced in the Dailybox central kitchen, which aims to improve operational efficiency and maintain product quality consistency.