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Power Commerce Asia Receives Series A Funding, Ready to Expand to Malaysia

Power Commerce Asia Receives Series A Funding, Ready to Expand to Malaysia

ERP solution provider startup Power Commerce Asia announced series A funding with an undisclosed amount from PT Interport Mandiri Utama, a subsidiary of PT Indika Energy, and PT SAP Express, a logistics and courier company.

Power Commerce Asia Receives Series A Funding, Ready to Expand to Malaysia

This fresh fund will be used to launch an expansion into Malaysia to serve global brand partners in serving their customers in the country.

After this investment, directors at Interport such as Yukki Nugrahawan Hanafi and Alif Sasetyo, and SAP Express President Director Budiyanto Darmastono, are now part of the Board of Commissioners at Power Commerce Asia.

On this occasion, he also officially announced the presence of Power Commerce after being in stealth mode since its operations began three years ago.

Starting this year, the company will scale its business much more significantly with the ammunition it gets from the funding round.

Founder & CEO of Power Commerce Asia Hadi Kuncoro said that so far he and his team have focused on building the company’s fundamentals in the form of omnichannel ERP and supply chain solutions for the business ecosystem. Thus, Power Commerce Asia can become a sustainable company.

“We are not building applications, but a tech company that is building a digital ecosystem for industry. Our users are B2B, from brands, manufacturers, brand owners, global brands to SMEs,” Hadi explained at a press conference yesterday (6/1).

Power Commerce Asia Receives Series A Funding, Ready to Expand to Malaysia

Aiming for Partnership with Investors

Conceptually, the company wants to build an omnichannel e-commerce and supply chain solution, so that brands can sell anywhere and on any platform and are integrated in real-time.

The investment obtained by Power Commerce, he continued, was not solely aimed at fresh funds but also strategic partnerships with investors.

It is known that Interport has an extensive network in handling cross-border transactions, while SAP Express has a warehousing and procurement network that is spread throughout Indonesia.

These assets will be utilized optimally by Power Commerce in increasing its business which is targeted to grow up to seven times this year.

“We don’t only have a vision in Indonesia, what we are trying to build is to solve problems in the global market. So in the second stage, we will enter the regional market.”

The company will explore the SME segment in order to experience omnichannel and supply chain solutions. The plan is that the solution will be available in the middle of this year in the form of SaaS with a subscription model.

According to Hadi, the subscription concept is considered more effective in attracting SMEs because they do not need to commit to paying for a long time.

Power Commerce Asia Receives Series A Funding, Ready to Expand to Malaysia

Power Commerce Asia Solutions

Power Commerce Asia provides end-to-end solution services that include e-commerce marketplace enabler, technology development, warehouse management, shipping management & delivery service, digital marketing, payment management, and omnichannel ERP system management. 

Power Commerce Asia’s omnichannel technology can ensure that all brands can take advantage of all existing sales channels, both offline and online.

Within three years, Power Commerce Asia claims to have grown significantly to reach 132 times. Starting with the start-up phase, smart-up company, and has now entered the scale-up company stage. 

Positive growth at the end of 2021 is indicated by metrics, including the number of transactions that grew by 28 times, the average monthly transaction grew by 28 times, the growth of Net Revenue (NMV) by 22 times, and the average monthly sales grew 12 times. 

Not explained in detail in the form of numbers regarding all the achievements above. The company has collaborated with various local and global brands from various industries in managing e-commerce sales channels. 

In the future, the company will expand ERP solutions not only for finished products, but also for raw materials that can be integrated in a real-time system from upstream to downstream. This will certainly make it easier for manufacturers to monitor their work processes so that they are more efficient.