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Interest to study abroad in Germany grows despite the pandemic

Interest to study abroad in Germany grows despite the pandemic

Germany is rated as one of the most attractive study destinations in the world as they are known for its world-class quality and almost zero-tuition education

Last year alone, the population of international students in Germany continued to rise, reaching 319,463 students overall despite the ongoing pandemic. 

Interest to study abroad in Germany grows despite the pandemic

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) conducted a flash survey in December 2020 which estimated an increase in international student enrolment to a total of 330,000 for winter semester 2021.

Further, more and more international students are beginning to shift their study plans and turn to countries like Germany as they have responded better to the Covid-19 outbreak. Germany is also known to have one of the best healthcare systems in the world.

“Studying in Germany holds an advantage over doing the same in many other overseas countries as they have always been at the forefront of cutting-edge research,” said German Educare co-founder Jonathan Lau.

Interest to study abroad in Germany grows despite the pandemic

“Most German universities also work closely with various companies and industries and have developed close strategic relationships. This gives students the opportunity to fully utilise the skills they learn in their respective courses to solve relevant and up-to-date projects. 

“Germany believes that education should be for everyone and education should be accessible. International students do not need to pay tuition fees in public universities in Germany (with the exception of Baden-Württemberg) and that makes Germany an affordable country to study in, compared to Australia, UK or even the US,” Jonathan pointed out.

As more students become interested in the opportunity to advance their studies at German institutions, German Educare will be providing end-to end support to students who have completed their secondary and pre-university education in their transition into Germany – from qualification and application checks to post-arrival assistance.

SPM school leavers can also learn more about Methodist College KL’s A Level with German Pathway and get a one-on-one consultation session with student advisors. In this programme, students will learn the German language along with their other respective A Level subjects.

Students can book a free consultation and find out more about the upcoming intake for the A Level with German Pathway in August 2021. Visit www.germaneducare.com to learn more about our other preparation programmes.