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Gadjian Expands to Medan and Releases of Partnership Program

Gadjian Expands to Medan and Releases of Partnership Program

Payroll and HR human resources (HR & payroll software) startup application services expanded to Medan on Thursday (02/27/2020). Gadjian established partnerships with several consulting companies in the fields of ICT, tax, and HR while also introducing Gadjian Academy, a means of education around HR management for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

“Expansion to Medan is a form of our commitment to support the enormous growth of small and medium scale companies in Medan and North Sumatra. One tangible form we do is to provide easy access to Gadjian services through partners and also conduct educational training through Gadjian Academy, ” the Co-founder and Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of PT. Fatiha Sakti, the holding company of the Gadjian application, Afia Fitriati, said in a written statement.

Gadjian Expands to Medan and Releases of Partnership Program

This partnership aims to facilitate access to services using the Gadjian application to assist the management of HR operations so that MSMEs can focus on developing their business.

Training on Marketing Strategies was Provided to Gadjian Partners

In addition, partners also receive training on marketing strategies, product knowledge training and wider access to business networks which can certainly help partners in developing their business.

According to Bank Indonesia in 2019, there are at least around 2.8 million small and medium scale companies. However, there are around 380 thousand registered and verified in the North Sumatra Cooperative Service. Gadjian considers that most of them are potential market share.

So far Gadjian has served thousands of companies in various provinces in Indonesia by providing cloud computing-based employee management applications that automate routine HR administration functions such as salary calculation, BPJS, income tax, and attendance data management.

Under the auspices of PT. Fatiha Sakti (Fast-8 Group), Gadjian hopes to support the needs of companies in the Medan and North Sumatra regions.

Gadjian Expands to Medan and Releases of Partnership Program

In 2019, Gadjian Has Released an Application to Facilitate Employee Management

The application, named GadjianKu, is a refinement of the Gadjian employee dashboard which was previously only accessible through a browser. GadjianKu users can feel the ease of downloading payslips, making leave requests and approvals, monitoring attendance records and updating personal data through this friendly mobile app.

Designed for today’s millennial employees, GadjianKu also features social media-style features that allow employees to send emojis and greetings to coworkers on their birthdays or when they are sick.

These are the things that differentiate GadjianKu from other HR management applications, which usually only focus on HR administration functions. The Co-founder and CEO Afia Fitriati explained that the appearance and features in GadjianKu are adapted to the lifestyle of the millennial workforce whose population is growing in Indonesia.

Gadjian Expands to Medan and Releases of Partnership Program

Time Efficiency Is One of The Startup’s Missions

Complicated payroll and tax regulations are a ‘scourge’ and a growth inhibitor for many companies in Indonesia. Recognizing this problem, Afia and her team built it as a reliable but affordable payroll platform, allowing companies to develop from various industries more effectively in managing employee payroll and HR administration.

Gadjian’s mission is to help businesses develop in Indonesia so they can better manage their human resources. GadjianKu completes a series of HR solutions that are already owned by the company, namely the Gadjian web-based application and the Hadirr mobile application, to reduce the time, cost, and stress levels that are usually experienced when managing human resource management operations in Indonesia.

“Since using Gadjian, the HR Team has been very helpful in recording employee attendance. It features allow employees to perform self-service administration, no longer needing to come to the HR desk.

Today, the application (launched in 2016) and its complementary application, Hadirr (launched in 2017), have served more than 2000 paid companies and received investments from Golden Gate Ventures, Maloekoe Ventures, and several other investors.