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Moojol, a New Choice of Transportation in One Application

Moojol, a New Choice of Transportation in One Application

The need for speed in the middle of the heavy traffic flow of big cities, especially Jakarta and its surroundings becomes a necessity. Although there are many choices of modes of transportation, motorcycles remain a popular choice for people in driving.

A motorbike is considered as the most ideal vehicle to help the citizens’ activities to reach their destination in breaking through traffic in the city.

Moojol, a New Choice of Transportation in One Application

Seeing the still high demand for the use of motorcycle transportation, PT. Moojol Patriot Indonesia, a subsidiary of the nation, since last year precisely May 15, 2019, oversaw the launch of the MOOJOL Application, an application that gives the public a new choice, ease of transportation services in one application.

Moojol is here to be a new alternative solution for public users of online transportation services. Simply by downloading the Moojol application on the App Store or Google Play, users can immediately take advantage of the online ride-hailing service at friendly rates.

For the Moment, Moojol Services Can Only be Enjoyed by Jabodetabek Residents

Shuttle service is available, including items in the MooTor feature, ordering food at MooFood and also MoFly to order plane tickets. “For now Moojol is focused on the Greater Jakarta area and surrounding areas. Service expansion will soon follow in other big cities,” Novivi said.

Even though he has entered the fat market around Jakarta, Moojol still wants to expand to the regions. Novivi said that he is currently preparing to expand to other cities such as Palembang, South Sumatra, Surabaya, East Java, Semarang, Central Java, Bandung, West Java, and Lampung. “This expansion city is already in the process of verification,” Novivi told KONTAN, Tuesday (25/2).

Moojol, a New Choice of Transportation in One Application

The public can use Moojol’s services for transportation needs including pick-up, food, food and ticket orders,” Novivi Aprianti, Moojol’s Marketing and Media Manager said at Moojol Grand Launching, at the Pluit Reservoir City Park in Jakarta, Sunday, February 2, 2020.

“So far we have worked with powerful partners. Our driver partners are also the best and most reliable HR selected through selective processes. We want to make sure the community of Moojol users gets a sense of security and comfort when using Moojol. We are optimistic that Moojol can be accepted in society,” Novi added.

The Moojol Grand Launching event which took place since morning was enlivened by bands performance, modern dance, happening art, and door prizes. The driver partners also marched to introduce and bring Moojol closer to the community.

The Registration Requirements for Becoming a Partner of Moojol Are Simpler than other Similar Companies

As for registering as a driver-partner can be done through the application on the Moojol Family menu or directly to the Moojol headquarters in Lippo St. Moriz Office Tower F1 9th Floor Unit 901, Jl. Puri Raya Blok U1 Puri Indah, West Jakarta.

According to one of Moojol’s driver-partners, Doni, who was met at the Moojol Grand Launching event, the registration process to become a Moojol driver-partner, although selective, was far easier than similar applications.

Moojol, a New Choice of Transportation in One Application

“There is no age limit, free of administration fees, and we also get a free jacket and helmet. Simply attach your KTP, SIM, STNK, SKCK and BCA Account for funds disbursement,” she explained.

Unlike other applications, for driver-partners, Moojol applies bonuses for each trip in the form of points that can later be exchanged for various prizes such as shopping vouchers, cellphones, notebooks, televisions, and motorbikes. Until now, Moojol has worked with approximately 200 partners and 3920 drivers.

Because there is still no specific target that Moojol wants to achieve. Novivi said only focus on developing applications on IOS this year. So far, the funding is still using the funds owned by the company.

“In the future, there may be injections from investors following the development of the company,” she hoped.