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MallSampah and Clean-Up Present One-Door Waste Management Service

MallSampah and Clean-Up Present One-Door Waste Management Service

Welcoming the National Waste Care Day (HPSN), MallSampah in collaboration with the Clean-Up startup launched the “Mixed Waste” feature in the MallSampah application. This feature is a technology-based waste management service.

This feature service enables businesses and organizers of waste-producing events to get two services, namely the management of recycled waste materials by MallSampah and the legal transportation of waste to landfills by Clean-Up.

MallSampah and Clean-Up Present One-Door Waste Management Service

Clean-Up General Manager, Iqra Putra Sanur, said that his party focused on providing standardization of services related to the transportation of waste in the community.

“We are based in Gowa and our service focus is providing garbage transportation services in the community,” Iqra said during a press conference at Bikin-Bikin, Nipah Mall Makassar, Tuesday, February 25, 2020.

Meanwhile, MallSampah CEO Adi Saifullah Putra revealed that there are currently 8 million tons of waste in Makassar City. According to him, the leakage of waste transportation can go down with the Mixed Waste feature found in the MallSampah application service.

Each Makassar’s Resident Produces 0.7 Kilograms of Waste Everyday

“This feature is expected to reduce the level of waste leakage to nature so that the impact can be felt by the community,” he said. According to his party’s data, each Makassar citizen produces 0.7 kilograms of waste per person per day.

“Even then, if you want to count very much. So we still need to educate both government and private parties, “he said. Regarding the waste transportation service in the MallSampah application, Adi said that it did not directly contact the government.

“Because we focus on recycled materials and the government focus on transportation,” he explained. The government, he said, actually needed help from the private sector to deal with the waste problem that circulated in Makassar City.

“Because the government itself certainly has shortcomings, therefore the government also needs the private sector to help in handling waste in the community,” Adi said.

MallSampah and Clean-Up Present One-Door Waste Management Service

These New Features Benefit the Community

CEO of MallSampah Indonesia, Adi Saifullah Putra said, customers of Mixed Waste features will get detailed reports containing the disposal schedule, weight of waste generated, amounts being recycled, transaction history, and access to waste sustainability reports.

“This feature will help businesses and the community manage their waste with one door to make it easier,” Adi explained when met at the Mixed Waste feature launch event, Nipah Mall Makassar, Tuesday (25/2).

“The advantage is that it makes it easier for the Makassar people to transport their trash, especially the event organizers so that their garbage disposal is more responsible. And it hopes to have an economic impact on traders, “added Iqra Putra Sanur, Clean-Up General Manager.

MallSampah and Clean-Up Present One-Door Waste Management Service

These Startups Hope to Create More Job Vacancies in the Future

“We are optimistic that this collaboration will lead to community empowerment, especially garbage transporters. They are many of the government cleaners, but they think to be able to increase their income by becoming our partners, “he explained straightforwardly.

However, Iqra has not dared to set targets because this is only the initial collaboration stage. His party is studying what the target market size is. Clean-Up is now able to serve a total of 1200 units of waste transportation locations. Whereas MallSampah is currently able to recycle up to 30 tons of garbage in one month.

In the future, Clean-Up will look for other types of waste management, for example; collectors, fertilizer factories, worm farmers and others.

“At the moment we are still researching. this collaboration is a new step for us to prepare the ecosystem. For example, we can throw food waste at worm farmers. Other types of rubbish will also be their respective vendors. So that the mission of community empowerment will be realized, “concluded Iqra.