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TwoSpaces Releases Digital Branch Feature to Support Remote Work

TwoSpaces Releases Digital Branch Feature to Support Remote Work

Remote work has become a necessity especially for those who are located in areas that are often hit by traffic jams, such as Jakarta, Depok, Bogor, Tangerang, and Bekasi. But in practice, most people still consider remote work the same as working in a cafe or coffee shop or other hangout places. That’s not wrong, but it’s also not entirely true.

It should be stressed, there is a risk of cyber when someone works in the public space, especially if he works by relying on public hotspots. Besides, the stability of the internet connection and the convenience of working in public spaces also need special attention. Therefore, coworking space is one of the favorite places for remote work.

TwoSpaces Releases Digital Branch Feature to Support Remote Work

However, there are several reasons why remote work in most companies until now is still in the form of discourse without real implementation.

“Applying remote work to companies means changing the culture and way of working at the company. One of the biggest obstacles employers in implementing remote work is the lack of sense of control over their workers,” said Ronni Sofrani, Chief Executive at TwoSpaces through an official statement, Thursday (20 / 2/2020).

The Digital Attendance Feature Helps Companies to Monitor Their Employees

TwoSpaces, which was established in January 2019, strives to continue to bring technological innovation as one of the pillars in developing its business.

“In supporting remote working, TwoSpaces has digital attendance technology. This feature is like a fingerprint attendance that can be done digitally but only applies to all branches of TwoSpaces,” Ronni said.

TwoSpaces Releases Digital Branch Feature to Support Remote Work

Management or company leadership, said Ronni, will later get a real-time recap for each employee regarding the hours of entry and exit as well as at the TwoSpaces branch where the employee is located.

“The company has oversight of its employees, even though they are not in the same office,” said Ronni.

Ronni said, TwoSpaces also has a Tenant Management System (TMS) feature that makes it easy for members to access tenancy matters, to digital services in the form of e-concierge and e-secretary.

“So, the company does not need to be bothered in managing contracts and payments for its employees even though it is spread in many places. This is a technology-based hospitality breakthrough that is presented in real terms by TwoSpaces,” he explained.

Do not stop at these innovations, continued Ronni, TwoSpaces has just launched a Digital Branch product that provides flexibility in working time for its members. In use, all information needed from Wi-Fi to electric door passwords will be sent automatically via a mobile application.

The Digital Branch Feature Gives Members Flexibility

TwoSpaces has also released the Digital Branch feature which provides members with working time flexibility. In practice, all information from WiFi to electric door passwords will be sent automatically via the mobile application. At present Digital Branches that are in operation are located in Cikajang, South Jakarta and GreenLake, Tangerang.

TwoSpaces Releases Digital Branch Feature to Support Remote Work

“We believe that the digital branch that we are running has a big impact on the current coworking ecosystem. At Digital Branch, everything will be run through our mobile application without the need for direct support from the on-site team,” said the man who studied in the real estate finance field at the University of Reading, United Kingdom.

The booking process can also be done very easily especially since TwoSpaces has just completed the integration process with one of the digital wallets, which makes the payment process more convenient.

Ronni added, the latest Digital Branch innovation is expected to accelerate the pace of the company’s business in the field of space management and also hook the freelancer market and entrepreneurs who need location flexibility and office hours.