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Supporting Women’s Empowerment, Lamida is Targeting the Indonesian

Supporting Women's Empowerment, Lamida is Targeting the Indonesian

Carrying women’s empowerment, the Lamida e-Commerce Startup is specifically aiming at the market. Lamida, a beauty e-commerce startup, is here to bring the message to all Indonesian women. Lamida carries the theme of empowering women through 3E’s vision and mission namely Embrace, Encourage, Empower.

Being beautiful is a woman’s rights and needs without exception. Therefore, many beauty products are created to be a solution to the treatment effort. Like mushrooms in the rainy season, not a few people in Indonesia pursue the world of beauty as a business field. Because the beauty product market in Indonesia is quite high.

No doubt the demand for beauty products continues to increase, especially in the digital era like now, and no wonder if e-commerce platforms are competing to meet these needs. But not all e-commerce brings the concept of women’s empowerment.

Supporting Women's Empowerment, Lamida is Targeting the Indonesian

The vision and mission are expected to be a message that can be received by Indonesian women so that it can be implemented into a character who is confident in her own beauty, daring to express herself, and also brave to be more than her current self.

Support Women to Have Their Careers in the Beauty World

For this reason, Lamida involves beauty influencers and a community that will invite Indonesian women, especially those who want to pursue a career in the world of beauty, to be together to become experts and skilled so that the expertise can become a permanent career choice.

“Right now there are a lot of women who love the world of beauty but only as a spectator, even though they have the desire to have these skills. The problem is that almost all say they are still afraid to start. Afraid of being ugly, afraid of being bullied, and so on,” said Julia Maramis, Director of Lamida Indonesia.

Supporting Women's Empowerment, Lamida is Targeting the Indonesian

This is one of Lamida’s backgrounds for expansion into Indonesia so that women in Indonesia can get the same opportunity to be active in the world of beauty. With the campaign from Lamida, it is hoped that women in Indonesia can support each other for mutual progress.

“Now we at Lamida will embrace these women with a variety of campaigns that we have prepared. One of the goals is to empower the women step by step, level by level so that they are at an independent level and can spread the spirit that we are carrying,” she continued.

E-Commerce Competition is not an Obstacle

Julia also added that the current e-commerce competition is not an obstacle for Lamida to enter the Indonesian beauty market. She believes that the Indonesian women’s market that has not been touched and empowered is still very broad so that the presence of Lamida here can be a “home” that not only explores but also understands and will accept them as they are.

About the involvement of beauty influencers and their communities, this cannot be separated from the common vision and mission to encourage Indonesian women to level up in the world of beauty.

Supporting Women's Empowerment, Lamida is Targeting the Indonesian

All difficulties at the beginning of the gait of influencers will be shared through sharing sessions online so that beginners can get an idea of ​​the journey that must be undertaken. Lamida understands that the career path in the world of beauty is not easy, but they also hope that women will not lose heart.

“Because from now on Lamida and the Indonesian beauty influencers have committed to collaborating on many campaigns that will help you to pursue a career in the beauty world,” said Olin, beauty influencer who is also the chairman of the beauty community called Indo Beauty Squad.

Lamida will mark the launch of the website platform www.lamida.id and the Lamida ID application which can be downloaded at Playstore together with its first campaign titled #MEaningful on July 20, 2020.