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PPKM Boosts Online Shopping, Kecipir Offers Discounts and Cashback
Startup Sectors that are Predicted to be more Pressed in Level PPKM 4
The Transactions of Two Culinary Startups Keep Skyrocketing
TaniHub and Sayurbox Transactions Skyrocketed up to 3 Times during PPKM
Yummykitchen Startup Will Expand to 50 Kitchens during PPKM
Belifitt Startup Presents Healthy Lifestyle Education during PPKM
RedDoorz and Booking.com Prepare Strategies for Continuing PPKM
Logistics Startup Estimated to Grow Up to 30% due to PPKM
Sayurbox and TaniHub Transactions Soar High due to PPKM
eFishery Hires Former CEO of GoPay, Targeting 900% Growth