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PPKM Boosts Online Shopping, Kecipir Offers Discounts and Cashback

PPKM Boosts Online Shopping, Kecipir Offers Discounts and Cashback

Consumption and shopping patterns have also changed, with many consumers turning to online shopping sites or applications or marketplaces to fulfill their daily needs.

This can not be separated from the various restrictions that require people to do more activities at home, especially during the current emergency community activity restriction (PPKM).

It has been more than a year since the Covid-19 pandemic has hit the world and people are now increasingly familiar with technology.

Online shopping activities are more convenient to do to reduce the risk of being infected with the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Moreover, the currently developing Delta variant of Covid-19 is confirmed to be 95% more infectious than the previous variant.

Since the pandemic, many people prefer to allocate their funds to meet their daily basic needs and cook at home. No wonder the public’s need for fresh food is higher during the pandemic.

Kecipir Provides People’s Daily Needs Online

Shopping for vegetables and groceries online is also commonplace, especially with the variety of choices, conveniences, and discount promos offered. In the Greater Jakarta area, Kecipir is a reliable online shopping service provider for all daily needs.

Kecipir.com CEO, Tantyo Bangun said, Kecipir exists as a social enterprise that connects organic farmers and local producers with the community.

“Our services can be easily accessed through applications and websites. In Kecipir, consumers can find out information about farmers or producers of the food they consume,” he said last month.

He continued, Kecipir also invites consumers to support environmentally friendly consumption patterns through organic farming and a zero-waste shopping system by using reusable packaging and bags.

Shopping Tips in the middle of PPKM

So that shopping for food needs during the pandemic can be safer, easier and more profitable, Kecipir provides 5 smart solutions for consumers:

1. Switch to Online Shopping

Don’t hesitate to start shopping for food needs online. In addition to saving time, online shopping is also safer because people will avoid the center of the crowd. Online shopping is also relatively easy and practically done from anywhere.

Another advantage of online shopping is that it is easier for people to make shopping lists & record expenses. All notes and details of shopping items can usually be accessed again by consumers.

So that it makes the activity of recording family finances more practical. In addition, by choosing to shop online, people can minimize the use of paper money which has the potential to be a means of transferring viruses and bacteria, including the Covid-19 virus.

2. Choose and Compare Prices in Several Online Stores

Online shopping actually gives people the freedom to compare and choose the best product prices. Consumers are free to visit and check the prices offered by each online store. Therefore, always check the price options of several stores before deciding to transact.

3. Choose the Best Platform for Online Shopping

After comparing prices, don’t forget to consider product quality, convenience and security when transacting, as well as the delivery time of the ordered goods.

4. Prevent Virus Spread, Use Digital Payments

Online shopping also makes people more familiar with various digital payment services. Usually every online store provides digital and cash payment options. In a pandemic, people should prioritize digital payment systems.

5. Always Update Applicable Promos

Before completing the transaction process, consumers should first check what promos are currently in effect at the online store.

In Kecipir, for example, consumers can get cashback promos ranging from 30% to 100% in every transaction when using ShopeePay digital payments.

“In addition, Kecipir also provides a 10% Harvest Discount every day for all fresh products such as vegetables, fruit, tubers, herbs, spices, and other garden products,” he explained.

Kecipir also provides free shipping services for delivery to the Greater Jakarta, Cikarang, and Cibitung.