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Cakap Startup will Recruit 1,000 Teachers through Teacher Academy

Cakap Startup will Recruit 1,000 Teachers through Teacher Academy

The Cakap language learning startup, which is an online learning platform in Indonesia, launched a teaching training program through an online platform, with the title Cakap Teacher Academy. 

This program is intended for every community that has an interest in teaching. This scholarship will be awarded to 1,000 teachers in Indonesia through the Cakap application. 

The Cakap Teacher’s Academy program was officially launched on Thursday, August 12, 2021. Not only training, later participants who register will get additional income and certificates.

“We want to create a solution, not only for professional teachers, but for future teaching candidates who have the same passion to make Indonesia more capable,” said CEO and Co-founder Tomy Yunus, Thursday (12/08/2021).

Cakap Startup will Recruit 1,000 Teachers through Teacher Academy

Cakap is here to fill the anxiety of education from Indonesia due to the distance between educators and teachers in the ability to access digital. Facing these challenges, the innovation that is trying to be created is learning languages online.

“Especially in this pandemic era, all we have is our communication skills. Language has become our passport during the pandemic,” said Yunus.

By having the ability to speak a foreign language, Yunus considers this to be the key to communicating in almost all parts of the world because it can have double the opportunities compared to before.

Therefore, Cakap focuses more on learning for teachers in Indonesia to advance and improve the quality of education.

Foreign Languages are the Key to Digital Literacy

Online learning that has been implemented is a new thing for educators in Indonesia. Plus, the lack of knowledge to access digital devices will add to the barriers to learning and teaching in the world of education.

These limitations make the learning activities carried out tend to be ineffective. Not a few students also feel that the task demands are getting more and more after the transition to online learning. Feeling bored, bored, and more tiring when studying online.

Cakap Startup will Recruit 1,000 Teachers through Teacher Academy

“The pandemic has ushered in a new era of education, namely the era of digital education, which is no longer just a complement, but can equip and update the way teachers teach,” said Cakap Course Manager Yoshua Yanottama.

The ecosystem of this training wants to offer educators, especially in Indonesia, to have new methods and perspectives in teaching online, namely by learning foreign languages.

This opportunity is deliberately given and opened for teachers who want to have the ability to teach online so that the transferred knowledge can be well received by students. Not only focusing on theoretical matters, but also everyday values that can be applied.

Then, educators who register will also get additional income. The provision of income is aimed at the problem of teacher salaries in Indonesia which are still not evenly distributed and the amount given is still not appropriate.

Uneven Quality of Education in Indonesia

According to the Staff of the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Billy Mambrasar, the number of educators spread throughout Indonesia is still not sufficient so that it becomes a challenge today. 

The current transition will not be optimal if the quality of educators in Indonesia is not evenly distributed.

Cakap Startup will Recruit 1,000 Teachers through Teacher Academy

“The most difficult thing is adoption because teaching is not just teaching, but building relationships to increase students’ emotional and empathy,” said Billy.

The learning process that is carried out seems like ‘what is important is collecting assignments and giving grades’ is enough. It is natural that all students since the pandemic have complained about the same thing.

The pandemic has forced us all to adapt and adopt digital technology. “What we need to know is to change the structure of online teaching. Therefore, we want to open new perspectives for teachers through training,” answered Joshua.

The quality of education in Indonesia will certainly have an impact on prospective teachers in the future. Therefore, this quality will determine the sustainability of the level of education in a country, one of which is learning English as this edtech startup focuses on.