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Sayurbox and TaniHub Transactions Soar High due to PPKM

Sayurbox and TaniHub Transactions Soar High due to PPKM

Ahead of the implementation of PPKM, agricultural startups Sayurbox and TaniHub have recorded a doubling of demand for basic necessities.

The government will implement the Implementation of Restrictions on Community Activities or micro emergency PPKM on 3-20 July. During the implementation of emergency PPKM, online sales of basic necessities are expected to increase.

The Communications Manager of Sayurbox Bintang Angkasa said that Sayurbox recorded an increase in demand for basic goods since the Covid-19 case rose again last June.

Sayurbox and TaniHub Transactions Soar High due to PPKM

“When compared to the same time last year, there was an average increase in demand of 45 percent,” said Bintang, Friday (2/7).

Meanwhile, when compared to this year’s Ramadan, the demand for basic necessities has increased by 30%. Sayurbox estimates that the micro emergency PPKM policy will make the demand for goods continue to grow.

To anticipate the availability of goods, the company made several efforts, one of which was a planting program. The program was conducted to find out what the market needs.

“So that farmers can sell their harvest optimally without any shortage of goods availability,” said Bintang.

Committed to Help Farmers

In addition, the company cooperates with more than 1,000 farmers to make their crops more diverse. According to him, Sayurbox is also committed to educating farmers, especially through the plasma program.

The company also provides funding, technical assistance, and help with profit and loss calculations for the program.

Likewise with TaniHub. Chief Marketing Officer & Head of TaniHub Ritchie Goenawan said the company recorded an increase in transactions for basic goods ahead of the implementation of the emergency PPKM.

“In comparison, at this time compared to the peak of last year’s Covid-19 cases, the number of transactions has doubled,” he said.

Sayurbox and TaniHub Transactions Soar High due to PPKM

To anticipate the availability of goods, the company develops end-to-end technology. “We created a fresh product management system, warehouse, transportation management system, and also developed an e-commerce platform,” said Ritchie.

The company will also recruit additional operational workers. Additional human resources are needed so that they can meet consumer demand, especially when there is a much higher surge in transactions.

The government imposed several restrictions during emergency PPKM, such as closing shopping centers/malls/trading centers closed.

Meanwhile, supermarkets, traditional markets, grocery stores, and supermarkets that sell daily necessities are limited to operating hours until 20.00 local time, with a capacity of 50% for visitors.

Then restaurants and restaurants only accept take-away and delivery services. Public facilities such as public areas, public parks, public tourist attractions, and other public areas are temporarily closed.

Other Apps for Vegetables Shopping in PPKM Period

Gojek and its GoMart don’t want to be left behind in providing online vegetable shopping services to the public. With the GoMart application, you can make payments non-cash.

Not unlike the GoMart application, GrabFresh can also make it easier for you to shop for basic needs. Uniquely, Grab is working with HappyFresh to enrich this feature. To start shopping, you can enter the Grab application and select the Groceries menu.

Next, choose the nearest store to start shopping. You can also choose the time when the order arrives at your home. For payment, please choose to be in cash or credit card.

Sayurbox and TaniHub Transactions Soar High due to PPKM

No different from Sayurbox and HappyFresh, you can make non-cash payments. TaniHub Group is an agritech startup with the largest growth in Indonesia, continuously trying to create a positive impact on society through improving the welfare of farmers and other interrelated parties in the agricultural ecosystem.

TaniHub Group is committed to efforts to improve farmers’ welfare because Social Impact is one of the company’s business pillars other than Agriculture and Technology.

Well, those are some applications that you can use to shop for basic needs online. By shopping online, of course, you can minimize the spread of the coronavirus by not being in crowds and crowded places.