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Startup Konsultanku Is Optimistic to Push Tax Revenue

Startup Konsultanku Is Optimistic to Push Tax Revenue

It’s no secret that some people find it hard to pay taxes. Startup Konsultanku is optimistic that it can contribute to encouraging state tax revenues. This is because the company offers convenience for people who want to pay taxes but are confused in their calculations.

“Reporting and calculating taxes are not simple, especially for the general public,” the founder of startup Konsultanku, Mikail Jaman, said in Jakarta recently. Mikail stated if people see the complexity applied in tax regulations, then calculating and reporting annual taxes yourself is not an easy job.

Startup Konsultanku Is Optimistic to Push Tax Revenue
Startup Konsultanku Is Optimistic to Push Tax Revenue

As a result, many people are faced with the fear of misreporting or miscalculating when reporting their annual taxes. “Not to mention the need to make financial reports that require an independent professional who can provide solutions to these problems,” Mikail said.

For this reason, as one of the tax platforms, Konsultanku seeks to help the public. Thus, they will not have trouble handling taxes. On the other hand, the platform could help the government to achieve tax targets by the end of the year.

Mikail: Konsultanku Is Not an Ordinary Tax Startup

Mikail explained that Konsultanku was not just an ordinary tax startup. It has a network of financial professional services to connect the public with registered tax consultants and accounting firms. “So, the public can carry out tax consultations and tax reporting easily and objectively, including accounting services,” he said.

He also hoped that, as a startup, Konsultanku can be an alternative for people who are struggling in reporting their taxes. Then, they can be more flexible without messing with various tax regulations. Ultimately, it can help the government to collect more taxes.

For your information, the current tax revenue has only reached 65.71 percent of the target that is IDR 1,786.38 trillion. It means that there is still a shortfall of around IDR 612.5 trillion. With the appearance of Konsultanku, the target is expected to be reached.

Startup Konsultanku Is Optimistic to Push Tax Revenue
Startup Konsultanku Is Optimistic to Push Tax Revenue

Meanwhile, to provide the services, Konsultanku has partnered with more than 50 professional offices including Public Accounting Firms, Accounting Services Offices, Tax Consultant Offices, and Law Firms. The partners have been registered in Indonesia and committed to providing quality services to all clients.

In addition to professional offices, some individual partners also collaborated with Konsultanku. Individual partners are individuals who have the competence to carry out technical work that plays the role of implementing technical tax services. Not only offers tax consultancy services, but Konsultanku also provides other services.

Konsultanku Also Offers Other Financial Services

Konsultanku also offers business loans to its clients. The startup provides access to funding options from banks and financial institutions that can be adjusted to the business needs. There is no need to manually apply for a loan for business since clients can do it online.

The startup offers several types of business loans including investment credit, working capital credit, multipurpose credit, and invoice financing. In this case, Konsultanku facilitates and connects borrowers or debtors with banks and financial institutions that have been incorporated as Funding Partners of Konsultanku.

Startup Konsultanku Is Optimistic to Push Tax Revenue
Startup Konsultanku Is Optimistic to Push Tax Revenue

Customers only need to provide the conditions required to apply for a loan. Besides, Konsultanku also makes it easy for banks and financial institutions to find the right borrowers or debtors, following the criteria determined by banks as business capital lenders.

To apply for a business loan, the bank will give a decision to the person or borrower who deserves a loan based on the credit history of the credit applicant. If a debtor gets an offer from several banks, he can choose which bank to work with.

The clients of Konsultanku include SMEs, companies, and private individuals. From small businesses to medium scale businesses, restaurant businesses, cafes, services, manufacturing, and other business fields can use the service. People who work as private employees, government, and businessmen could use it too.