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Engaged in the Same Sector, These Two Startups Are Collaborating

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GudangImpor.com dan Importir.org agreed to establish cooperation when they both took part in the ‘E2eCommerce Indonesia 2019’ event which was held at Balai Kartini, Jakarta lately. This cooperation is quite interesting since both of the startups offer importing goods services.

However, they do not view each other as competitors, even though they are engaged in the same industry. “We are both playing in the import market. But, we have our specialties and strengths. At this moment we decided to work together,” the CMO of GudangImpor.com, Rifqi Edrus, explained.

He also said that their cooperation is mostly about service. “So keep in mind that the service of GudangImpor.com focuses on B to C (business to customers) while Importir.org is more about B to B (business to business),” he added.

GudangImpor.com and Importir.org Own Different Strengths

Furthermore, Rifqi explained that GudangImpor.com is strong in the American and European markets. On the other hand, Importir.org is more focused on the markets of China and Southeast Asia. “So through this collaboration, we combine the strengths of each of them,” he said.

Importir.org will be able to import American goods into the Indonesian and Southeast Asian markets through GudangImpor.com services. Meanwhile, Chinese and South East Asia goods from Importir.org can be accessed at GudangImpor.com. This way, both of them can be stronger together.

Besides, this allows GudangImpor.com to be able to import American products that are B to B in the services of Importir.org. “To put it simply, Importir.org can utilize our network services in the US, and GudangImpor.com can utilize the Importir.org service and network in China and Southeast Asia,” Rifqi explained.

In line with Rifqi, Faizal Al Edrus as the CEO of Importir.org also said that the unique thing is that through this collaboration, Importer.org and GudangImpor.com can be heroes and contribute to the country’s income. This is because they both continue to import goods.

“We continue to import goods. Not only imports to Indonesia, for example, Importer.org also imports American products to our network in Southeast Asia. But, the controls and taxes go to Indonesia,” Faizal added. This means the income of the import process still goes to Indonesia.

They Want to Bring Indonesian Startups Worldwide

The point is that both parties want to bring Indonesian startups to life on the world stage. “And this cooperation will not only end here but will continue to improve. We will not only handle imports but also exports Indonesian products to our respective networks,” Faizal said.

This way, he added that both parties would be able to add the state income through the services offered. Meanwhile, both GudangImpor.com and Importir.org are also active in participating in various events. For example, Importir.org lately contributed to Indonesia International Electronics & Smart Appliance Expo 2018 (IEAE).

This exhibition was held at JIExpo Kemayaran and participated by hundreds of participants from China, Indonesia, and Malaysia. This year IEAE presented modern electronic products, such as mobile phones, computer networks, in-car electronics, home appliances, consumer electronics, security products & smart home, LED & energy-saving products, and some others.