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Gojek XCelerate Got Lots of Supports to Accelerate Indonesian Startups

Gojek XCelerate Accelerate Indonesian Startup

Gojek collaborated with Digitaraya to develop Merah Putih startup through Gojek Xcelerate. This accelerator will provide various intensive programs to 20 selected national startups which are considered to have the most positive social impact. Hopefully, this program will grow many new unicorns. Thus, Indonesia can become Asia’s digital powerhouse.

Digitaraya itself has accelerated more than 50 startups from 12 countries in the Asia Pacific and partnered with other global players such as Google Developers Launchpad, McKinsey & Company, and UBS Swiss financial services company. It helps enrich Gojek Xcelerate’s collaboration by adding a variety of world-class curriculum.

Gojek’s Group President, Andre Soelistyo, said that the accelerator includes a variety of curricula that teach growth hacking methods, the use of machine learning for process automation, development of appropriate business models for startups and ways of valuing company valuations.

Besides, it also involves exclusive problem-solving sessions with Gojek’s leaders as well as global consultant McKinsey. “Technology not only offers solutions to the challenges faced by society but also opens access to people who can contribute and enjoy the benefits of the digital economy,” Andre said.

Technology Is the Fastest Way to Benefit the Society

Andre said that Gojek saw the use of technology as the fastest way to bring a positive impact on society. Through Gojek Xcelerate, Gojek opens up opportunities for startups to solve consumer problems and get their solution integrated into the Gojek platform.

“Startups not only have to survive, but they also have to develop,” Andre added. Once startups participate in Gojek Xcelerate, they will get the curriculum from Google Developers Launchpad, McKinsey, UBS, and Digitaraya. They also receive Gojek curriculum which is specifically designed based on the success of Gojek.

“Providing funding isn’t enough to develop startups, but it is also important to prepare them to be able to respond to various challenges that will arise in each phase of their journey,” Andre explained. Then, with more startups having a social impact, Indonesia can accelerate digital economic growth.

At this point, Indonesia can also become a major technology player in the Southeast Asian region, with the support of strong Merah Putih startups. Eventually, Indonesia can continue to be a leader in its own country, even in Southeast Asia.

Indonesia Became the Fastest Growing Country in South Asia

Based on the Google and Temasek research titled e-conomy SEA 2018, it is shown that the digital economy will be predicted to reach USD 240 billion in 2025. This year, it has reached USD 72 billion. Meanwhile, Indonesia is considered as the fastest growing country in Southeast Asia.

Andre said that this chance must be utilized by local startup businessmen. “With this great potential, we must take advantage of opportunities by creating more social impact through technological innovation. Thus, Indonesia can increasingly accelerate digital economic growth and become a leader of the digital economy in Southeast Asia.”

Meanwhile, Digitaraya Managing Director, Nicole Yap, said that Digitaraya would help accelerate the startup business. There are many interesting and practical ideas available. He also believed that the presence of Gojek Xcelerate can give birth to new unicorn startups or even decacorns from Indonesia.