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Co-working Space, The Ideal Workplace For Millennials

Co-working Space, The Ideal Workplace For Millennials

The concept of co-working space is becoming more and more familiar now as it is found everywhere, especially for millennials. As a generation who likes things that are flexible and not complicated, the presence of this new office concept is suitable and in accordance with the characteristics of that generation.

Many millennial workers choose to work here, for example, are students who have started working as freelancers or have side workers. In addition to the work atmosphere, a variety of things offered by this joint workplace also affect, such as a comfortable atmosphere and fast internet service.

Co-working Space, The Ideal Workplace For Millennials

Various Things Offered by Coworking area

There are many advantages offered by this new office concept. Starting from the opportunity to build a broader network to more flexible office conditions and kinship. In addition there are still many facilities that are ready to be presented by this place, here are some of them.

  1. Usually, some offices have limited access only at certain hours. Unlike the case with the concept of this office. Where many places provide access for up to 24 hours straight. This certainly makes it easier for companies and freelancers who want to have flexible work time.
  2. A comfortable workspace is one of the other facilities presented at this office. Not only comfortable to work but also comfortable to interact even have meetings. Coworking place will usually provide chairs that can be used personally or as many chairs for many people as used for joint meetings.
  3. Internet connection is one of the other things offered to the residents of this shared office. The reason is that a good internet connection is a basic need, such as downloading and uploading. Especially for freelancers who usually communicate with clients through social media.
  4. Furthermore, many shared offices also provide printers, copiers and fax machines that can be used together with compensation according to use. So no need to worry anymore when there is a need to print or send some important documents can be done at that time.
Co-working Space, The Ideal Workplace For Millennials

Besides to printers, photocopies and fax machines, a shared canteen is usually provided that can be used to order food or drinks. Freelancers do not need to be confused anymore when they are hungry or thirsty because there is no need to look out and spend more money.

Coworking area User Criteria

During this time the presence of a shared workplace is already well known. But actually who uses this common office a lot? There are various criteria for users of shared workspaces, but there are several main criteria that are often found here. The following are some of them.

1. Freelancer

Most freelancers choose a shared workplace such as coworking place because of the facilities it provides. Besides, the presence of a shared workplace at an affordable price makes it easy for them to get office-equivalent facilities but at a more affordable price and of course flexible access time.

2. Startup

Next up is the startup. Many startups choose to use a shared office. This is because the facilities are complete, in addition to the rental costs that must be spent even more affordable when compared to having to rent an office independently.

Co-working Space, The Ideal Workplace For Millennials

3. Various parties who want to work more flexible and comfortable

The criteria for coworking users mentioned above are indeed identical to millennials. Because of a lot of millennials, like many students who choose to work as a freelancer or have a side job or establish a startup office. Usually, millennials have business ideas that they want to develop.Coworking area is synonymous with millennial. But of course, he is open to anyone who wants to try to work more comfortably with adequate facilities and affordable prices. With a variety of things offered, it is not wrong if many millennials choose co-working space.