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Sociolla Expands Access to Beauty Product Distribution

Sociolla Expands Access to Beauty Product Distribution

Beauty startup Social Bella or Sociolla received funding of US$ 58 million or IDR 828.5 billion last month. Now, the company is expanding its network and opening distribution access between retail partners and customers.

Sociolla opens a new distribution network through an affiliated company, PT Semesta Distribution Indonesia (SDI). PT SDI VP Commercial Helmi Prasetyo noted that the distribution network of some brand holders is limited.

Sociolla Expands Access to Beauty Product Distribution

On the one hand, retailers do not have access to distribution and data on products that are of interest to the public. “We will fulfill this need through SDI,” said Helmi as quoted from a press release, Thursday (13/8).

Through this Affiliation, SDI Has Access to Bella’s Social Data

By entering the Social Bella ecosystem, SDI has access to hundreds of beauty brands, trend-related data, branch distribution infrastructure, and warehouse, as well as an experienced on-the-ground team. Meanwhile, Social Bella can expand distribution access for retail partners and customers.

SDI can also provide a one-stop service for brand holders of beauty and personal care products. Then, customers can find out about the delivery process, payment, complaints, the latest products, and promotions in real-time.

Meanwhile, brand holders will get an overview of product selection and the right approach to enter a market.

Sociolla Expands Access to Beauty Product Distribution

Currently, SDI has partnered with more than 55 thousand retailers both in Modern Trade (MT) and General Trade (GT) in all major cities in Indonesia. SDI also covers 24 cities and has 16 sales points and 10 sub-distributors.

“Through the SDI network and our experience in the beauty industry, brand owners can distribute products to all retail store channels in big cities without having to make big investments,” he said. The business development was carried out after Social Bella obtained funding from Temasek Singapore, Pavilion Capital, and Jungle Ventures.

This fresh fund is used to increase business growth. Co-Founder and President of Social Bella Christopher Madiam hopes that the funding can support the company’s efforts to work on the beauty and care market in Indonesia.

The Demand for Cosmetics for Eyes Increases

Pandemic times have made makeup trends change. The mandatory use of masks according to health protocols has made beauty enthusiasts focus more on makeup in the eye area.

“During the pandemic, if we see a lot of changes in the eye area, maybe because we are wearing masks,” said CoFounder and CMO Social Bella Chrisanti Indiana in a virtual event “Fun Talk About Beauty Trends” which was listened to in Jakarta, Tuesday (4/8).

The use of masks, according to Chrisanti, raises many new makeup trends in the eye area. In addition, many beauty enthusiasts are also looking for complexions that don’t slide easily and don’t clog pores.

“We want to provide good curation for customers at Sociolla so that they are also calmer through the pandemic,” said Chrisanti.

Sociolla Expands Access to Beauty Product Distribution

Maxi Lip Makeup is in Great Demand

Is lip makeup still in great demand? Chrisanti said. products such as lipstick are still much sought after by beauty enthusiasts. Especially with the many virtual events that still require someone to appear fresh in front of the camera.

However, Chrisanti sees that the need for eye cosmetics is now more sought after. Change of product preferences leads to waterproof.

Make-up director Sociolla Archangela Chelsea sees the interest of beauty fans in lipstick. Events such as online gatherings are an opportunity for beauty fans to appear all out, even making people who are just learning to groom more confident to appear at online meetings.

In addition, as a form of company concern for the pandemic condition, Sociolla has sent 2100 self-care parcels to five Covid-19 referral hospitals in Jakarta as a token of appreciation for medical personnel who have continued to work tirelessly in handling Covid-19 for the last 4 months.