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Young On Top Invested on Hipwee, an Online Media Company

Young On Top Invested on Hipwee, an Online Media Company

PT YOT Inspirasi Nusantara or known as Young On Top invests in the online media company Hipwee. This fresh fund will be used to develop content. Hipwee CEO Nendra Rengganis said the investment from Young On Top can help companies expand their content.

Not only content that invites click (clickbait), but also has an impact on the development of young Indonesian groups. “There will be many new breakthroughs that can be born from the collaboration between Hipwee and YOT,” Nendra said as quoted from Hipwee, yesterday (13/8).

Young On Top Invested on Hipwee, an Online Media Company

However, he did not mention the investment value obtained. Along with the funding, Brand and Partnership Director Young On Top Alexander Zulkarnain entered the Hipwee management. Alex will fill the position of Chief Brand Officer at Hipwee in charge of brand development and partnerships.

Young On Top is a community-based company that targets young groups and has been around for 11 years. So far, YOT has embraced 600 thousand members who are the younger generation.

Even so, companies need media for their communication targets so that they can have a wider impact. Therefore, Young On Top invested in Hipwee. The Young On Top portfolio has also grown.

Hipwee is Considered to Have a Value Equation with YOT

Hipwee was founded in 2014, which focuses on targeting readers aged 18 to 24 years. The company operates with a community base spread across Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Malang, Solo, and Yogyakarta. The company now has 9,000 active contributors who write on the Community feature with 10 million monthly users.

YOT founder and CEO Billy Boen said Hipwee has the same values ​​with the company. Both of them have the vision to help Indonesian youth in solving various problems.

Young On Top Invested on Hipwee, an Online Media Company

With aspirations to have a wider impact, Young On Top has established its steps to invest in Hipwee, an informative, inspirational, and entertaining online media for young people. The similarity of segments and values ​​is what makes YOT interested in developing Hipwee.

“The similarities between Young On Top and Hipwee have made YOT interested in investing and developing Hipwee with companies under the YOT group and the Kejora Capital ecosystem,” said Billy Boen, the Founder & CEO of YOT Nusantara (Holding) in his statement, Friday (14/8/2020).

YOT Investment is Expected to Strengthen Hipwee

Nendra Rengganis or who is often called Monik as Head of Operations Hipwee hopes that this collaboration between Young On Top and Hipwee will have more flexibility to create content that is not only clicked on but also able to have an impact by helping solve the typical problems of young people.

“We can’t wait to collaborate and create many new breakthroughs that hopefully can accompany young Indonesians in finding the best version of themselves,” said Monik.

Young On Top Invested on Hipwee, an Online Media Company

Kejora Kapital, a Hipwee investor also hopes that Young On Top can further strengthen the Hipwee brand and have a positive impact on Indonesian youth.

“Kejora Kapital welcomes the presence of YOT for the sake of strengthening the brand and developing Hipwee in the future. Hopefully, YOT, Kejora, and Hipwee systems will be able to have an even greater impact on Indonesian young people,” said Andy Zain, Co-founder and Managing Partner of Kejora Kapital.

Young On Top and Hipwee entrust Alexander Zulkarnain as Chief Brand Officer to handle matters related to Hipwee’s business, brand, and partnership. With his experience in the world of media, brands, and startups for a dozen years, Alexander is expected to be able to make a positive contribution to Hipwee.

Hipwee has been focused on creating positive content that solves the typical problems of young people. To disseminate its content, Hipwee uses a virality strategy on social media.

Previously, the company invested in the digital analytics platform GDILab.com, the Topkarir.com career portal, Maingame.com, and the equity crowdfunding technology (fintech) Bizhare.id.