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Sociolla Launches Lilla, a Special Shop for Mother and Child Care

Sociolla Launches Lilla, a Special Shop for Mother and Child Care

Departing from this, Sociolla launched the latest e-commerce namely ‘Lilla’ which is intended for mothers throughout Indonesia and your loved ones. Bella’s Head of Public Relations, Febrina Herlambang, said that Lilla by Sociolla is different from other e-commerce sites.

Taking care of and making sure all children’s needs are met is one of the responsibilities of the mother. Yes Moms, to meet the needs of children, you might spend a lot of time, so rarely have time to pamper yourself or even just to buy beauty products.

Sociolla Launches Lilla, a Special Shop for Mother and Child Care

Psychreg’s blog and psychological journal show that self-care such as adequate relaxation is a very good effect on mothers. When a mother is happy, it also affects the health and well-being of all family members.

“The curated products here are specifically for mothers and their families. So there are prenatal, postnatal, baby categories, and also certain products are 100 percent registered with the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM), so it’s safe,” said Febrina Herlambang in a limited discussion with the media about Lilla by Sociolla, Tuesday (6/30).

Febrina also said that a woman certainly has a different concern for caring for herself before and after becoming a mother. Lilla’s main focus is the safety of a product and what it contains. Primarily for child care products.

“In Lilla by Sociolla, there is a feature review. This review is not from Sociolla but rather than members who buy products in Lilla. Moreover, the mothers certainly believe the words of other mothers,” he said.

Provides a Variety of Products that are Safe for Mother and Child

The existence of Lilla by Sociolla in Indonesia is expected to help mothers to find reliable products that are guaranteed safety. It was also appreciated by the artist and mother of 4 children, Nadia Mulya. According to him, a mother needs to have me-time, because it will affect the harmony of the family.

“Happy Mom is a happy home. Of course, many changes occur when a woman has turned into a mother. Of course, in choosing products, safety must be prioritized. What I like in Lilla is that the products are 100 percent BPOM and their safety is guaranteed as disinfected before sending. “I also reviewed the products I used and bought at Lilla,” said Nadia.

Sociolla Launches Lilla, a Special Shop for Mother and Child Care

Meanwhile, the products available at Lilla by Sociolla consist of prenatal care products, postnatal care, to care for infants, children, and families. Until now there are already around 100 beauty care brands, and of course, it will increase in the coming months.

“I hope that the presence of Lilla by Sociolla can make mothers in Indonesia happier because they can choose safe and reliable motherhood products. We also hope that in the current pandemic era, it can help mothers to be able to self-care or family-care from home. “with the products that Lilla by Sociolla bought,” Nadya said.

Sociolla also Presents a Make-up Director on Their Platform

Social Bella officially collaborates with a renowned makeup artist, Archangela Chelsea to be the first makeup director in her beauty e-commerce unit, Sociolla.

This step is carried out as an effort to reinforce Social Bella’s position as the first beauty tech in Indonesia that has a makeup director to provide various trends and insights into the beauty industry.

Sociolla Launches Lilla, a Special Shop for Mother and Child Care

Chelsea, the nickname of a woman who has had a successful career in Hollywood will act as a beauty teacher in the Social Bella ecosystem and provide inspirational content related to beauty trends, especially at Sociolla.

Co-Founders and CMO Social Bella Chrisanti Indiana said that besides continuing to innovate to provide authentic products to consumers it was also committed to presenting quality and inspirational content in the form of recommendations, trends, and beauty insights to beauty enthusiasts.