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5 Coworking Space near Me with a Café-like Appearance

5 Coworking Space near Me with a Café-like Appearance

There are many coworking space near me services which you can find in Indonesia. The growing acceptance of the working idea without space restrictions in Indonesia is in line with the birth of open workspace or more popularly called co-working space.

Co-working space can be the right alternative. It is especially if you only need a cheaper office rent. It is suitable for you who don’t have any problems working together in one space without restrictions. Especially in co-working space, you can get complete comfort and facilities.

5 Coworking Space near Me with a Café-like Appearance

Some of them come with a unique concept. An example is the concept of green open space and some are carrying the concept like a cafe in a shopping center. Working in a coworking space with the concept of a café will be very fun. 

Coworking Space near Me with Café-like Concept

You can work with a more relaxed and happy feeling. On the other hand, the coworking space usually also provides a variety of foods and drinks. Are you ready to work in there? Here are some coworking spaces in Indonesia with a café-like concept.

1. Kolega – Jakarta

Koléga first appeared in Jakarta at Tebet, an area that is very popular with young people in Jakarta. Koléga wants to create a place of collaboration for startups, players in the creative industry, freelancers, communities, entrepreneurs, and students to create a work and do a job.

Koléga is officially begun operating in 2015. Then, the provider also opened a coworking space branch in this city. Koléga is also present in the Senopati and Antasari areas while still carrying the concept of a café. It holds regular monthly events as well.

There you can enjoy an attractive interior design with a predominance of gray. The walls were decorated with various colorful images that perfectly match the interior design. Chairs and tables used have a minimalist concept. Near each table, there are electrical plugs that you can use for various needs. 

2. Cre8

This co-working space is located in the central business district of Jakarta. This location can help you to fill the business needs with your mobility issues. Its strategic location makes you don’t have to drive far to reach a variety of business needs. 

Cre8 provides co-working with four membership options for its members. They are ranging from monthly usage with membership to those who want to rent daily with a walk-in system. You can ask the staff there about this membership program.

This Coworking space uses a lot of earthy colors for its interior design. Furniture from wood is also widely used there. In fact, some traditional Indonesian touches are also presented. An example is a cane from rattan which is usually used by the traditional seller, and more.

If you want more privacy, this place also offers a suite of special packages for startups in need. Besides this Co-working space also provides free drinks, as well as standard presentation devices such as televisions and projectors. You can work comfortably and happily there.

5 Coworking Space near Me with a Café-like Appearance

3. Freeware Space

Next is Freeware Space. In this co-working, there are many startups in the realm of technology, fashion, to entertainment. Even some well-known startups are listed as members and alumni here. They are Konsaato, Maskoolin, and Brodo.

Located in the Kemang area and also SCBD, this co-working provides Shared Working Stations for residents wanting to work with other residents. There is also a convenient personal workplace area for rule members who want a more personal work atmosphere. 

By organizing events in regular freeware co-working, you also have the opportunity to network with several startups or other entrepreneurs. You can even meet lots of big investors. Freeware space is designed to be very attractive and neat in every part of it. 

There is a combination of seating in the form of sofas, chairs, to round tables. If you need a meeting with more members, they also provide square tables and chairs to accommodate more people. One interesting aspect there is the round chandelier which is interesting to see. 

4. Bandung Digital Valley

The next coworking space is the Bandung Digital Valley. BDV is a free co-working space that was launched by Telkom in December 2011. Located in Telkom’s R&D Center, this place has an area of 1,200 square meters, and present as a multifunctional room.

It can be used for all types of work needs. The examples are for co-working space, meeting rooms, and incubation rooms. The purpose of BDV coworking space development is to support and facilitate entrepreneurs with a comfortable concept a la cafes.

It is made so that users can feel comfortable and reach their target market. To be able to use it, you simply register yourself as a member on the official site. BDV has a predominance of white color for the interior design. 

It makes the room there look cleaner and more spacious. However, they also combine it with some bright color access. The examples are some bright yellow chairs and ceilings. The facilities there are also complete to support the needs of the members.

5 Coworking Space near Me with a Café-like Appearance

5. Gartenhaus Coworking Space 

The Gartenhaus co-working space is located in Malang. This place is very unique because it offers the appearance of a cafe with an open location nuanced nature. The concept of beautiful and full of special greenery is presented perfectly.

It is made in order to create a comfortable and productive working atmosphere. In addition to work, you will enjoy the lush atmosphere of plants that feel refreshing air. Because they use the concept of nature, they also use many aspects of wood for some furniture.

The examples are tables and chairs made of wood. Some antique and ancient decoration is also placed at several points. It is what makes this coworking space is different from others. Overall, the Gartenhaus is divided into three parts in its area.

Working in a coworking space with a café concept will bring a different atmosphere. It is what then makes you are happier and more focused on working. Because of its convenience, coworking space near me with the concept of café will always develop in the future.

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